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Fifelotus Apr 8, 2024

LOLL, I see, I see, I think one of the big shocks I had about Alien Stage was that they were in their 20s and 30s and I was like, ???, they look like teenagers SOBS in their depictions.

I don't know about it being the biggest eclipse of the century, but I know it's very rare for North America to be in the path of one, I did get to see it, although it was so cloudy, LMAO.

JeeNine Apr 8, 2024

Yeah, I know it's your right to give opinions on things you like and you don't like, you can do whatever you like. I was just wondering whether you can maybe tone the aggression down (I'm sorry if you actually didn't mean to be aggressive and I'm just being sensitive).

Fifelotus Apr 8, 2024

Also, I forgot to mention, but I just like the ambiguity of Alien Stage's lore, you can interpret however you like, and it wouldn't be seen as right or wrong~! I always love reading everyone else's comments in each of those videos, SOBS.

Fifelotus Apr 8, 2024

Hellooo sassykillua~! No worries about the big comment, I geek about this all the time whenever I talk about Alien Stage with my irl friends, so this analysis is not something you should be embarassed about, it just shows you that you took the time to watch/listen Alien Stage casually before getting in-depth to pick out the elements they hide throughout its lyrics and visuals~! I've actually seen all the currently available episodes a while ago, I was just curious what you have thought about it as you have discovered this recently, while I had stay tuned with it when Round 2 music video was first released, hehe~ It was very funny and also relatable to read some of the comments you were writing out for the characters and your interpretation of the story!

In response to your analysis, I think that's a very good way to interpret it when trying to tie it to the K-Pop industry (and generally just the idol industry) itself. I didn't actually really think it in that way, I thought it more in-line with the idea that aliens just like the 'noises' humans make and the complex emotions they evoke to the listeners through their singing are not something that could be easily replicable, or even not replicable at all, by the aliens. Although, that raises questions like if they are unable to understand complex emotions, they wouldn't have felt upset about the death of the guitar alien Till killed/smashed in Round 2. I think something that could support your analysis even more is that I believe somewhere in the Patreon of VIVINOS, they explained that Alien Stage have been going for a very long time (all the characters we're familiar with are in the 50th season of Alien Stage, meaning that there have been 49 seasons before this with many, many other contestants we're unaware about that have survived or been killed for the aliens' entertainment, which could be a direct analogy about us fans giving the most fame and love to idol trainees we see the most potential in).

Here's some more lore tidbits that you can look around with~! I think you might be interested in it, knowing that you're invested in Alien Stage with the analysis you wrote~! There's also some info that you can take a look in the home page of Alien Stage, and while they generally display vague and general info of the characters and what the setting is about, there are some things you can take a look into that might support or refute certain points you made~ (homepage) (Luka's interview) (Mizi and Sua's interview)

You can find some other stuff if you look through the wiki as well, I think they cite some of the sources above and ones I didn't include~!

Sorry about the delay in response though! I was working on homework (very late into the night, it's like 5AM right now), so I didn't have to worry about anything for April 8 (today), that way, I could see the solar eclipse and resume watching anime and stuff.

Fifelotus Apr 7, 2024

Yeah, no worries! The comment I made previously didn't clarify that I think, but after you watch everything eventually~! :3