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Fifelotus Apr 21, 2024

Ohhh ok, and I've seen Mo Dao Zu Shi anime adaptation, but I've seen the live action drama first before seeing the anime. I'll get to heaven's official blessing at some point hopefully :3

Fifelotus Apr 21, 2024

Ikr, there should be more BL animes, but please, I don't want them to adapt some of the toxic, questionable ones, SHEISISHSHSH, I want healthy, authentic, and cute relationship dynamics, not the "I reincarnated into another world and got plapped plapped by a 20 ft long zucchini where the world I was transported to embrace exhibitionism" or the "narcissistic ikemen r*ping a poor thin guy whose only living relative is their sickly grandparents and is under immense amounts of debt". 

I heard of Heaven's Official Blessing, but I think I've seen the live action drama adaptation of it, but I'm not quite sure, because I have mixed it up with Mo Dao Zu Shi. I haven't picked up the anime yet, but it's something I consider doing at some point in the far future. I assume this is the writer you mentioned backing out? It seems like it's on hiatus when I checked the novel/manhua page, which is SOBS. I would be devastated having to wait for who knows how long :( .

Fifelotus Apr 21, 2024

SOBS, sorry, even though I haven't watched it yet, History Maker was such a touching opening song that drawn me into the franchise and to crush our spirits like that with the movie cancellation, SOBS. It's crazy that people were waiting for several years now and it just went 'poof' but hopefully maybe some other studio will pick up the rights for it, idk? I am intensely coping though. LOL, sygsdoagdsgyds....

Fifelotus Apr 20, 2024

Did you hear about how they cancelled the production of the Yuri on Ice movie? SOBS. I haven't actually watched Yuri On Ice yet, but I knew about it because of the opening song "History Maker", but I did wanted to pick up the show at some point. A shame that it won't be coming out :( .

Fifelotus Apr 8, 2024

Yeah, I was like ???, but maybe because they have been nurtured by the aliens to be the height they are or the way they look maybe.