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Fifelotus May 7, 2024

there was a lot more, but I think my hands slipped on some refresh button halfway through when I had like 7 paragraphs and I was utterly devastated when I had to redo the review all over again LMAO - what I have is just the core thoughts I had ;3

Fifelotus May 6, 2024

ZDGYOSDGYOSDGYSOGYDSGYSD, one step for man, one step for humankind, SMH me. LOL

Fifelotus May 6, 2024

At some point, yes, but I'll feel like it will take eons for me to start another one, but if I were to start another novel, it had been either Tattoo or 4 O'Clock Flowers. By the time I get to all of your novel recommendations, you had grown to be a wise sage that lived on the very top of Mount Everest sect, LMAO. And yes, I'll let you know what I think about it, I was thinking of just putting the thoughts I had into a review since I did plan to write it out~

Fifelotus May 6, 2024

Hellooooooo again!!! :D

Just wondering, when I was going back to the novel recommendations you gave me back on February (because I forgot to write it down), I couldn't find the 4 o'clock flower novel on AnimePlanet. Am I typing the title wrong or something? 😭, but I am able to find the novel on novelupdates at least~!

Also, about the Wildfire novel, I'm almost finished but it will probably be like 1-2 more days to conclude my reading session for this :3

lauver May 6, 2024

omg <33333