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Jaehoon May 6, 2023

Hello, it will be the first time i'll be chatting with you. 

So i checked your list and DANG you got good taste! I feel like we have some manhwa/hua we love in common for example; eleceed, 19 days and the murderous lewellyn's candlelit dinner (+ more). Also i agree with what you said in your profile bio, i can't stand CLICHÉS too.

And, If you don't mind me asking what or who sparked your interest in reading manhwa/hua/nga?

shookyyam May 4, 2023

do you have any recomendations like heesu in class 2?please

AnimeSimpOtaku99 Mar 16, 2023

I see you almost everywhere-

DelusionalSimp Mar 8, 2023

I noticed too 🥰

I could tell from your username that our tastes could turn our to be similar!