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XxpxstellovexX Jun 15, 2023

I feel the same wayyyyy

shookyyam May 11, 2023

thankyou so much:)

shookyyam May 10, 2023

hey sorry to bother but are not all the chapters of betweent the stars translated? i can only find up to 55 or are the websites im using just outdated?

thankyou for the reccomedations again by the way i've been speed reading them all loool

Jaehoon May 6, 2023

Exactly! i get the genre but when they throw in violence, sa and abuse in EVERY chapter, it starts to get annoying. Anyway let just change the topics lmaoo, what about anime? What's your least favourite genres (other than harem) or characters? What anime was better than you expected? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions, i just really love asking people about it haha.

Jaehoon May 6, 2023

Oh i see! well, as for me i only started reading BLs 2 years ago. Though my first bl i've ever was...traumatizing lmaoo (killing stalking and sadistic beauty). I don't really mind male-to-male relationship but i never thought reading them because i wasn't really interested but then i stumbled by this manhua called 19 days which has change my perspective from BLs world. The story started off boring, but i eventually start laughing and enjoying the story. This led me to search for more BL/shounenai to read. However, there are some popular BLs that i don't understand the hype for. Painter of the Night, for example, has great art but the portrayal of rape made me uncomfortable. I expected it to be wholesome because of the art style lol.