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geumi Jun 22, 2024

these scenes haunt me as well ㅠ.ㅠ every time i read it again it hurts. i cried so much on my first read of both tgcf and mdzs. that's why i'm taking so long to start reading 2ha, i hear it's just as painful and heartbreaking. but i'm trying to must up some courage to read it :') i can't wait to read priest's work as well.

theanimeconnoisseur Jun 21, 2024

I totally understand what you're saying, the fact that those two are doing toxic things to someone so innocent is making their character appear even worse. I did notice the difference in the 3 couples dynamics but it never really clicked that there was an extra layer of their relationship being even more messed up because of the type of person they were doing those toxic things to. It seems obvious now lol. Thank you for sharing your viewpoint 

theanimeconnoisseur Jun 21, 2024

Hello SassyKillua!

I've seen you comment your hatred for Jaekyung & Seungho which is completely fair and I'm not here to defend them but I'm very curious how come you still love Caesar? What makes him different from them in your opinion?

geumi Jun 19, 2024

no, no, i meant these two are examples of your mentioned favorites i'm excited to start reading sometime but as excited as i am i'm also scared because i know they will destroy me lol so i'm just dragging it on to read later thanks to that :p i love it when fiction makes me tear up or cry but the pain that comes with that makes me hesitant to read it at the same time. like tgcf and mdzs were so so good and are one of my favorites too but damn did they hurt. it's still painful to remember quite a few scenes but i love these so much. :p


geumi Jun 18, 2024

i actually appreciate people who take their time to write their bio so nicely like that so i enjoy reading it no matter how long it is! i honestly could point out tons of your mentioned favorites i'm excited on reading (and scared at the same time because i just know i will be devastated, like "banana fish" or "the summer hikaru died").

knowing kod's horror is that good makes me even more curious about it ngl. the amount of trigger warnings piqued my interest because there were just so many. i'm excited lol

and i'm glad you think so! . my reviews and ratings might seem lower in comparison but that's just because i'm annoying when i'm rating things by myself so even things i enjoyed a lot are not rated highly. i guess i just think too much when i'm rating stuff :p recently i finished reading "dream away" and i actually enjoyed it a lot and i was excited for it because i saw your review amongst others praising it but even enjoying it a lot my overall score was still 6.6 :') so i'm glad you think so too even tho my ratings usually have lower scores.