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Fifelotus Apr 7, 2024

it just takes a bit more time and motivation to read any novels for me, it doesn't mean I don't like it, I'm just generally not as locked in as I would be if this were to be a webtoon or a manga, but it's only because college is still ongoing that I prefer to read this a bit more slowly to enjoy it :3 . I think after my finals is over with in early May, if I'm still not finished, then I'll definitely power through stuff because I'm not tied down to any homework assignments/projects~!

Fifelotus Apr 7, 2024

Oh, and I forgot to answer your question, yes, I am liking it so far :D, it feels pretty grounded in real life. People in this novel don't act abnormally I guess? They just react realistically within their characterization~! :3

Fifelotus Apr 7, 2024

Yes, I'm so slow at finding the motivation to read it 😭😭😭😭

Fifelotus Apr 7, 2024

I got to chapter 30 of Wildifre (Novel) and Ahsiwhwiwhwhwiwiwh, the descriptions, LOLLL, it was so funny~! This is such a slow burn romance...

Ilovemenarcissistic Mar 12, 2024

Haha yeah I got ur chinese point wrong, after I read it again I didnt bother to change it cuz I wrote so long so I left at that lol, and 19 days is really amazing!!!