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Fifelotus Apr 20, 2024

Did you hear about how they cancelled the production of the Yuri on Ice movie? SOBS. I haven't actually watched Yuri On Ice yet, but I knew about it because of the opening song "History Maker", but I did wanted to pick up the show at some point. A shame that it won't be coming out :( .

Fifelotus Apr 8, 2024

Yeah, I was like ???, but maybe because they have been nurtured by the aliens to be the height they are or the way they look maybe.

Fifelotus Apr 8, 2024

LOLL, I see, I see, I think one of the big shocks I had about Alien Stage was that they were in their 20s and 30s and I was like, ???, they look like teenagers SOBS in their depictions.

I don't know about it being the biggest eclipse of the century, but I know it's very rare for North America to be in the path of one, I did get to see it, although it was so cloudy, LMAO.

JeeNine Apr 8, 2024

Yeah, I know it's your right to give opinions on things you like and you don't like, you can do whatever you like. I was just wondering whether you can maybe tone the aggression down (I'm sorry if you actually didn't mean to be aggressive and I'm just being sensitive).

Fifelotus Apr 8, 2024

Also, I forgot to mention, but I just like the ambiguity of Alien Stage's lore, you can interpret however you like, and it wouldn't be seen as right or wrong~! I always love reading everyone else's comments in each of those videos, SOBS.