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Misoony May 25, 2024

I saw your comment on my feed to FireLotus, and i AM SO EXCITED FOR "THE SUMMER HIKARU DIED" ANIME!!! I hope it gets a good studio though. It's such a good manga I hope the anime does it justice.

Fifelotus May 24, 2024

Hiiiii sassykillua, I think I remember seeing you reading The Summer Hikaru Died, there's an anime adaptation in the works for it~! Although, we don't have a release date, there's just a celebratory illustration for it somewhere on the Internet~!

Fifelotus May 22, 2024

Yayaayay, I finally finished For Better or For Worse, but I unfortunately can't remember who recommended me this 😭😭😭😭, I thought I made a note somewhere but I didn't apparently. I so so agree with your review on it, omg, why did they do all that mental gymnastics at the last few chapters HAOWUWIWHWJWOQHWH

CloudNine15 May 16, 2024

oh and i forgot to say this, but it's the same for anime too. "2024 anime challenge" not the seasonal one. 

CloudNine15 May 14, 2024

they will mark the manga you finished reading this year. so once you finish reading one, you can see it on the challenge.