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Earlos Dec 14, 2022

unironically (lily is) the most beautiful charcter in who made me a princess right? it really shows when she is well drawn even more so than the mother

SerisVritra Dec 4, 2022

Oh... sory, you can't see the comment I responded to... I was talkig about Nico from TBATE.

Gaeul Dec 3, 2022

Sorry, is the why Jennette (who made me a princess) is so hated.

SerisVritra Nov 29, 2022

hah.. I loved him.. than hated him.. but I think I might come to slighlty like him again in the future. Or.. not hate him that much.

But thinking about how inconsistent character he is.. I'm not sure I'll ever be satisfied with him.

Enjoy reading :)