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Ilovemenarcissistic Mar 12, 2024

I TOTALLY GET YAAAA, like all the bl manhwas have the same patteren like after 20 chapters u can basically have the generic idea of whats going to happen further and I just don't read from there, if I do be reading more from there i'm just sitting there for the extremely beautiful art cuz these manhwas they dont have the plot but the art is top tier okay, and ur point on chinese manhuas, most of them are exxactly the same, like for some exceptional ones (pheromone impossible, ascend, social cat etc) most have them have a blue haired seme who is I dk already done highschool and is some bigshot and the uke always has brown hair for some reason and is poor in most of the cases or a student and most of em follow the same plot like I can same some here like A guide to sleeping and choose wood or dwell, most of the chinese are like this and in most cases in chinese I have read all the semes look exactly the same regardless of the author lol like im not even kidding just change the hair colour and boom the face is still the same but the name is different hey. And I mostly prefer shounen ai though, but don't get me wrong it is most of the yaoi ones that have the long a** chaps I want and the plot too most of the time lol, but the shounen ai hits different for meh, tbh I really don't like the characters just going in by doing it at the start of the relations, like mild stff is really the ones I like, and shounen ai really does the job wells for that, like I read a manhwa Traces of the sun, and the author themselves had said, that they didnt add stuff so that the reader would focus on the plot instead of the smut, (PS this manhwa is really good give it a shot). Shounen ai ones got the plot we need and the yaoi has the smut maybe we should combine em

Ilovemenarcissistic Mar 12, 2024

You are so darn right on that point like all the new bls have so possessive (not that I hate but they over do it) semes and those semes are also so overaly jealous if the anyone other than they are talking to the uke and when they are mad they just f*** em like thats the plot I have been reading and thats the reason ihave put a lot on hold or dropped them cuz like I think the author think they just need to add smut to make everything perfect, but naw atleast me who's in for actual plot

apyyorwhateva Feb 25, 2024

glad you could relate ♡

rinnyisrin Feb 20, 2024

Hey! I noticed that you like Kaleidoscope of death have you read Paintings of terror before?

Fifelotus Feb 17, 2024

Hi hi! I'm so slow with reading Wildfire (Novel), but so far, it's pretty good! It was easy-to-read, although I did have to search up a couple of vocabulary terms here and there, but nothing that's very disruptive. I kinda keep forgetting who's who, though, SOBS.