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Esper26 Aug 22, 2012

Sorry it took so long to get back to you just got an Ipad and didn’t know you couldn’t message anyone.

Doing fine, what about you?

Esper26 May 21, 2012

Sorry! I didn't get back to you sooner.

So what up?

DarkMagicianGirl Mar 30, 2012

Heey Rebecca!

It has indeed been a while. Nothing special happend at the moment i'm really buzzy with school having exams and have to make papers. So no time for anime TT.

And how are you. Are you well and have you seen some good anime??

Further this week al my anime i was wachting ended so i need to search for new to watch. I started with balck butler and D.N.Angel and i started to watch fairy tail 2 weeks ago xD.

Have you some good recommendations for me.

 Hope to hear soon form you ^^

greetz Denise

Akkun Mar 20, 2012

Hi there nee-chan :D

DarkMagicianGirl Jan 12, 2012

Heey Rebecca!!

good to hear again from you got a little lony. My holiday was good. Watched a lot of anime and had fun with my friends.

I see your watchin gosick and like it :D i'm glad i LOVE gosick ^^

^^ hope to hear more from you.

greetz Denise