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Yukicz Apr 4, 2011

thank you. You have nice avatar too:-)

PeaceStarM Apr 1, 2011

Yeah, beter late than never ^^

Well, I don't know, what kind of animes do you like? Comedy, romance, action...? I hope you could name me some too, I love almost all types :)

I have added you as a friend too.

PeaceStarM Mar 24, 2011

Hey there. Great anime list.

Sorry for not replying. Had a tough time in school.

DarkMagicianGirl Dec 2, 2010

heey Rebecca,

I was strarting with pretear but then came my exam week. I will watch it because it think it is a really great anime. I watched Yumeiro pâtissière I liked it it is fun and you want to eat that food it looked great and you learn how to make it xD. I liked the humor and there is a new season from it Yumeiro pâtissière sp Professional.

I like to hear form you if you like it^^.


greetz Denise (^.^)

DarkMagicianGirl Oct 14, 2010

heey rebecca,

i'm glad that you liked the anime i recomended =). i will watch the 1 you did ^^.

i hope you laugh as much as i did by kaichou wa maid-sama. it was great it is my sense of humor.

hear from you soon.