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so my names sammi :) pleasure to meet you.

i'm pretty new to the whole anime and manga scene, but have already decided that i prefer anime to manga. I haven't really watched all that much, but once i start a series, i tend to get a little addicted until i've watched every episode possible.

My favourite so far has been Fruits Basket - I've just finished the series and i absolutely loved it. I plan to watch Ouran High School Host Club next, as i am going for the shorter series' first.

I don't really have any preference to the types of Anime i watch as i'm relatively new, so i'll give any type a go, just to see if i enjoy it.

If you'd like to add me or comment me go ahead, i'm always open to suggestions of a good anime series :)

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HikaruTenshi Dec 23, 2010

Happy Holidays! ^_^


HikaruTenshi Sep 30, 2009

Yeah, the people in my class are awesome. ^_^

So far my day is going okay. ^_^ I have class later, so I'll see. Haha.

I hope your day is going well. ^_^


AnimeShadow999 Sep 29, 2009

Welcome to A-P :)

 I read your about me and thought i'd recomend a few series to kick you off into high gear.

To save time, go on my profile and go to where it says 'Custom Lists' click on the one saying 'My Top 32 Anime' (This will likely expand into a Top 50 soon) there should be a number of shows there of varying different genre's.

Obviously everyone has different tastes so just try out what you like :) Hope this helps somewhat.


HikaruTenshi Sep 28, 2009

I had a nice night. ^_^ I like my class and I have a lot of people I know in it which is cool. ^_^

I hope you feel better.

You are very welcome. ^_^


HikaruTenshi Sep 28, 2009


I am doing pretty good. I have class tonight (It's a new class) so I am excited. ^^

How are you?

It's all good, I don't mind helping. ^_^