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Hi Everybody

How are you ?! hope you are fine =)

this is my small world in anime-planet ,I love anime so much

and when I watch anime ,I feel as if I were in another world ~

I love Kaito Kid ♥ very much ,he is my favorite character in the anime XD

I like horror anime and mystery , and I like to see many blood hehehehe XP

as you see in my list watched anime ,

I watch a little anime , But I'm trying to make it a biiiig list <3

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littleanime Sep 1, 2011

yeah i like him too he has a great personatly :))

hmm souka... really i want to watch it i'm soo excited xD

hai hai me too love kei and hikari for sure^^ oh Noooooo hehehe they love them very very much excepet someone who wants to be on (special a) class and can't ,,as you know on anime on all episode Hikari try to beat takashima but she couldn't and he loves her she find that on the last episode it was nice anime :)>>> awww  i have talked too much :P


it's my pleasure to meet you too :))

MOJ Aug 28, 2011

Salam! How are you doing? Its rare that i find people from KSA into anime and manga :P I thought i was to olny one in Saudi who watched anime, then i moved to Canada and found out so many people in Saudi watch anime...shame i never got to meet any when i lived there. Anyways nice to meet you

Gio19 Aug 27, 2011

Hey there ^_^

I'm fine al7mdllah, what about you? How are you doing? :]

Ummmm I don't have a specific favorite genre. I'll watch anything as long as it's interesting ^_^

I noticed that you're planning to watch Bakuman. It's soooooooo amazing, you'll have fun watching it :D

Cool avatar btw, I loooooove Jodei-sensei lol :D

kl 3am w enti b5air and thanks for the comment :]

littleanime Aug 27, 2011

oh souka^^

I love detective conan too it's nice^^  ,,,

" When They Cry " ,actually i have never heard about it .....but the title look nice ..:D

oh^^ yeah it's alittle romantic anime (special a ) but it's story is kawaii <3 you know kei and Hikari and the other members work hard to stay togather .... and special things that everything  happen on school :) it's the best anime for me ^^''  hehehehe

PantsuRobot Aug 26, 2011

Sounds alright :P might try it