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gek0 Nov 29, 2020

Thanks sis 👁👅👁💅

SakuraNowa Nov 29, 2020

yea Majo no tabitabi is really nice you should definitely check it out

yeeees vinland, i rlly love vinland and hopefully you are also gonna like

SakuraNowa Nov 29, 2020

heeeeey its okay i have also been busy

hmm i'm doing pretty much fine, nothing too interesting going on tho

well i dropped a few seasonals cause i just couldnt keep up but these are the ones I am watching

Majo no Tabitabi (probably my fav from this season)

Jujutsu kaisen (my second fav haha)

D4DJ (third fav lol)


Munou no Nana

Heaven officials blessing (rlly need to catch up on that lol)

and yea thats it i think. Have u been watching anything good?

imlolli Nov 19, 2020


You're so nice! thanks ! have a nice day :)


Aquaisbae Nov 19, 2020

You should watch Zombieland saga i recently started watching it and i'm really enjoying it