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D3generat3 Sep 23, 2020

i mean his opinion is dead wrong about the art. That shiz is a straight 11/10

tiddymonster Sep 8, 2020

Hiii ^w^ !! Yeah, it can be pretty confusing! I just click on the gif i want to use, copy it, and then ctrl+v it into the comment I'm leaving! Tbh, I also keep a Pinterest board of all the anime gifs I may want to use in the future to make it easier. Hope that helps! 

Puedes confiar :v

mido9 Aug 7, 2020

Hi ^^

oh thank you for following me back 

oh, of course, I will tell you how to do it

first, you choose the gif that you wanted from google secondly, you take the URL's gif and put it in "insert\edit image" then just press OK tada! 

Hopefully, it was helpful for you ^^ 

If you need anything don't hesitate to ask ^^

Joohoneyackson Aug 5, 2020

Thank you for following back! I'm indeed a fellow fujoshi hehe, so if you have any recommendations let me know. 😄