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Manthika Mar 31, 2021

I haven't been able to find it yet, but it's good to know that it's being adapted

Manthika Mar 31, 2021

you said: it has been adapted to a manhwa now, if you're a manhwa reader kind of person.

Thaaaank you~ <3

Jxrix Dec 31, 2020

Just felt a need to remind you that she LEFT A WILL. Just in case you forgot. And feel special, I made an account just to remind you that cuz this manga is amazing! 

D3generat3 Oct 7, 2020

Or he's just biased with his ratings. He could just dislike how hyped up it is so he tries to make sound worse than it is. 

D3generat3 Sep 24, 2020

Someone in their rating for solo leveling gave art a 8/10. Which is just wrong. The art is at minimum a 10/10