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Just a person who likes watching anime xD. I prefer Story driven, Comedy, Slice of life, Relaxing, Heartwarming and Adorable type of anime but I am willing to see other genres too at times. I am fine with tragedy as long as 1. Its not over done and 2. Its been expressed well and with care. I watch either the dub or sub (I do prefer subs as I feel like the delivery is most of the times more natural but dubs can also be nice too). 

These are just my preferences. If your score for an anime was higher than mine then thats fine too as my scores are my opinion on the anime. 

In terms of how I rate anime I go about it with either focusing on the story (usually try to go with this) or how entertaining it was for me (which yes those that are rated high for entertaining reasons can be considered as guilty pleasure ones, well if the story is average that is). After this the characters and cast/voices as well as art are the other factors I keep in mind (The art comes last as there are some real gems out there that may not have the most up-to-date art but are still really good. On the other hand there maybe some really good looking anime that are not good at all).

0.5 stars = Hated

1 star =  Feel like I shouldn't have watched.

1.5 stars = Below average and it wasnt enjoyable for me as the story was too convoluted to even make better (basically I dont agree with the story direction and decisions).

2 stars = Felt like quite a few things needed to be changed.

2.5 stars = It was below average but had potential to be decent

3 stars = It was average/okay.

3.5 stars = it was better than average but still not at the level of good.

4 stars = It was good but there were things that could have made it better

4.5 stars = It was really good but i feel like some bits could have been reworked to make it even better. Have some minor gripes but thats about it.

5 stars = Really thing it was great and dont really think anything could have been changed to make it better

Also just because I gave a low rating to the anime doesnt mean that I dont like certain characters from it.

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