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The who idea of Magical Girls has always been pretty innocent with most anime, mange or movies prtraying it as literally every young girl is sweet, innocent and pure and wants to help the world without ever being selfish and whenever something bad happens, it's almost always solved right away and everybody is safe and happy. Puella Magi Madoka Magica on the other hand has a much darker yet also more realistic tone. It shows how not everything can always be perfect like how multiple magical girls became what they are for sifferent reasons and do their job in ways others might not agree with, characters destroring themselves and others out of desperateness, changing their whole personalities as they deal with problems they can't really handle, cruel reality and of course death. Due to all these things being things you usually don't ezpect in a magical girl anime it's only better that it is.


The animation is beautiful with how it often combines different styles together. The girls and everything around them are usually the typical anime style thought very smooth with lots of things like how you can see water move and such. The girls themsleves seem to move and look a little smoother when transformed but that may just be me. My favorite animation is probably the witches and everything they create in their labyrinth, it being a completely different more art-like style which moves more blockily. Whenever one of the girls is fighting a witch or familiar I like how it shows them still in their original style so the two styles have to work together. This also shows how strange the witches and theur stuff look like for them since they're so different.


The sound is great with the soundtrack having multiple songs perfect for the anime. The opening is lighthearted but later on more intense to show the show getting more intense but it mostly reflects on Madoka's strong faith on keeipng hope. Magia on the other hand simbolizes hopelessness and destruvtion. I could list about everything in the soundtrack but then this will take hours. Anyway, love the sound!


Madoka: While I like how Madoka cares for everyone and wants to help, I can't help but feel a bit annoyed by how naive she is. She sees tons of crap yet refuses to give up on the whole idolised idea of magical girls where it's all rainbows and sunshine. I understand she's hurting that people, mostly her friends, keep getting hurt or dying but she never really seems to gasp onto what being a magical girl is about. Multiple characters keep warning her how it isn't supposed to be a fun game, how she could never be normal again, how she would at a certain point die from it and even how the wishes aren't garrentied to make everything better but everyone still needs to jump in and stop her from making a contract multiple times.

Sayaka: This character is probably the most annoying. Yeah, she's fighting for a pure cause and truely wants to help others but she completely neglects herself and everyone who doesn't agree fully with her and even those who do but don't have the same problems like when she pretty much tried to guilt Madoka into becoming a Magical girl so she would suffer too. She also often refuses to listen to others such as even after Kyubey (even if not in full detail)  had told her she needed Witches' seeds to clear her soul gem, she keeps refusing to do so because she thinks it would be selfish despite it technically not harming anyone anymore as the witch would be dead either way.

Mami: I honestly don't know what to think of her. Yeah, she's a great mentor, good at what she does and seems to really enjoy helping others but while she's strict about getting Madoka and Sayaka to udnerstand that the job isn't supposed to be fun and games with putting empasis on that they could die, she's also pretty insistent that they do become magical girls. This might be her simply trying to show both the bad and good sides of the job to give it more balance bit still.

Kyoko: At first I didn't like how she was fine with letting people die for familiars to become witches and so get more seeds but at the same time I understand it since she needs seeds to keep her soul gem clear. I felt a little sorry upon hearing how she made a wish for her father only to have him reject her for it, it ezplaining that the reason she mostly thinks of herself is that thinking of others caused both her and her family more pain and caused an trauma. Later she shows to not be too selfish as she tries to help Sayaka understand that they need to think of themsleves too to survive and later tried to get Sayaka back to normal after she became a witch despite knowing it would probably not work.

Homura: This is someone I mostly feel sorry for. Due to the start of the first episode you could see she probably knew something horrible was going to happen which turned out to be true. During the anime she acts cold and emotionless but this is due to having seen her friends die again and again until it was pretty much the end of the world which she kept repeating in a desperate attempt to save her best friend.

Kyubey: I want to hate him. I really do for some just can't. Mostly due to how he's literally emotionless and truely doesn't understand or care for the pain he's causing. Because the girls becoming witches creates energy and him not being able to really care how anyone feels it really does feel normal for him to do what he does as it's technically a way for many others in the universe to survive. At times he sounds genuinely confused when the girls get mad or sad despite he himself believing whatever they are mad or sad about it something good. This might show a personal wish to udnerstand emotion more so he could understand the girls.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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