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One-Punch Man 2

Jul 9, 2019

Sweet justice. Everything I wrote in my review about the first season came out true. Everybody hates the second season because the animation is average, although the same people were telling me it’s not the animation that made the first season so funny.

Also the one joke that kept repeating over and over again about Saitama beating everyone instantly became as boring as I was saying since day 1. The mangaka realized it and used it as sparsely as he could. But since that was the only defining feature of the main character, that also meant he had to be absent for most of the show. In his place a hundred other heroes and monsters get introduced, and take up most of the screentime. Just like before, besides a couple of them the rest don’t matter in the least and are just there to waste your time with pointless battles that nobody can enjoy because they are lazily animated. Imagine how frustrating it is to keep waiting for dozens of worthless characters to stop talking or fighting just so you can finally go back to seeing Saitama doing… nothing. He wastes the whole show in playing videogames or beating up nobodies in a tournament.

The star of the season is Garo, a crazy dude who goes around beating heroes because he wants to see the monsters win for a change. But as soon as the monsters invite him to his organization he refuses to join because his motives make as much sense as this whole show. But don’t expect him to do something significant throughout the season, since Saitama still kicks the crap out of him with a finger. And don’t expect the monster association to do something cool either, since the season ends in the middle of nowhere.

As a whole, the second season became the very thing the first season was making fun of: a generic and forgettable fighting shonen with average animation, hundreds of needless extra characters, an underdog protagonist (Garo), and a sense of hollowness since nothing seems to matter. The first season was a repeated joke on Saitama’s boredom despite being the strongest in the universe. Now it has none of that. Saitama just plays videogames and acts like a lunatic when he loses, despite finally getting the challenge he was looking for since day 1. There is nothing motivational, or relatable, or funny about him anymore.

And the animation sucks. That is the most important part! That is why the season sucks and not because it’s now a generic fighting shonen like the ones it was making fun of! If the animation was amazing, it would surely be equally as good! Stay classy, anime community.

2/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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mykaa Jul 10, 2019

so true with that last part. i can never enjoy an anime that has terrible animation