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I am comment banned, so join me in Skype for anything you would like to talk about. Look for "Peter Malousis - ThatAnimeSnob"

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GodzillaGus Mar 10, 2019

 So let me get this straight, u made fun of someone about their suicide attempt? Hmm, u need to find a path to redemption before I follow u again. 

kurumi10v3r Feb 12, 2019

Your reviews are funny and helpful at the same time, giving detailed reasons to defend your opinion. 

Axbox360 Jan 26, 2019

Snob Psycho 100!

Snob psycho 100

Armoreska Nov 12, 2018

115 pages of comments. goddamn

TemikaTemitola Nov 7, 2018


thank you for your in-depth reviews! They really help me understand the production quality, background, and essence of an anime to a standard I have never considered. You know how to critiize and critique anime noticably well. Little to no prejudice in all your reviews I would guess. Excellent job, I'm looking into your youtube videos too. 

All anime I rate I don't focus soley on production quality and orignal work because the characters, story, and animation are simply fun to watch despite where it belongs on a quality scale in all aspects.

Keep up the good work!!! :drinking::love: