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Top 50 Manga

In Order
1 Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

The piece of art that is closest to being ''flawless''. Unparalleled atmosphere and incredibly relaxing. Alpha is not only an enjoyable MC but also fascinating to think about.


2 Girls' Last Tour

Girls' Last Tour

The artwork, the balance of bittersweetness and heartwarming, wholesome comedy, the journey, the ending, the characters, the banter, the hopefulness, the hopelessness. I am simply blown away.


3 One Piece

One Piece

Man, its One Piece. What should I even say about this that hasnt been said already? Godlike world-building, insane foreshadowing and mysteries, crazy revelations, enticing plots, overwhelming emotions, action and adventure all in one manga. Never again will there be something as monolithic in the world of manga as this. Its great, really great.


4 Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 8: Twilight of the Golden Witch

Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 8: Twilight of the Golden Witch

(Refers to the entire series) - Simply a masterclass in mystery writing. Incredibly complex story that really takes its time, though no interaction, no panel serves any reason other than to bring the story foward or present intricate clues that lead to the truth of what is really going on. Amazing writing and a conclusion like cutting onions.


5 Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Needs no introduction, best MC, best Antagonist, lively artwork by the master of shounen himself (yes, I love the artwork, details =/= good). Should the dark continent arc ever get finished, this will shoot up into the Top 3 minimum. Togashi is a master writer and this is his ultimate proof.


6 Yotsuba&!


I've never had so much fun reading about a little girl and her dad making pancakes, going camping, playing in the sandbox or watching hot-air balloons. Its unbelievably wholesome and really speaks to a particular side of me, which I applaud the author for.


7 Gantz


Despite being so high up, its completely unlike those that it shares a rating with. Apparent flaws and plot-holes, very rough around the edges, but what it offers is so raw, so unapologetically bizarre, that I cant help but absolutely love this manga. Boasts one of the best artstyles and several great characters.


8 Monster


Never before has a story enthralled me so deeply. Urasawa knows how to build tension unlike any other author and flexes this ability in every single work. Johan and Tenma share a dynamic that leaves very little to be desired and you will find yourself totally engaged in their conflict. Ruhenheim is also in my Top 3 Arcs OAT.


9 Dorohedoro


Fundamentally fairly similar to Gantz, as its a dark, action-packed, multi-character, gore-fest of epic proportions. It also has some narrative flaws, but like with Gantz, I dont mind them at all. Reminiscent of Urasawa's works in terms of how questions are being introduced and then answered.


10 20th Century Boys

20th Century Boys

Tragic, really. The first half of this work is equally as close to perfection as the entirety of YKK, so imagine my frustration when the latter half did some things that werent really necessary. Despite that, its another absolute flex by Urasawa and a great starting point for people trying to get into manga.


11 Holyland


A simple manga, but sometimes you dont need Vagabond levels of philosophy, or Monster levels of story-telling to be great. Holyland really draws you in and makes you feel for Yuu as he tries to find his place in the world.


12 Pluto


65 chapters, yet they feel as packed as if there were 250. Absolutely Urasawa at his best story-telling, Pluto and Gesicht are wonderful additions to the wide aray of characters he's created. It may be short but dont think for one second tha this manga sacrifices anything in order to make the most out of these chapters.


13 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Easily the best cast in the entire JoJo franchise, great action and especially the ending convinced me of its greatness. Should this ever get animated, I'm going to have to change my pants.


14 Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss

The only manga that can (sort of) compete with One Piece in terms of worldbuilding. Rises in quality from one arc to the next and once finished will undoubtedly rise a few spots.


15 Vagabond


Speaking of Vagabond, wow. Having a great artstyle and being a good manga arent mutually exclusive, yet Takehiko Inoue manages to always deliver a story that excells at both. Incredible journey, incredibly insightful and definitely a must for fans of philosophy and the Samurai.


16 Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Took a risky turn, but a very rewarding one. Eren, while being a ridiculously complex character, is also enjoyable for those who dont care about details below the surface. The ending is debatable, but I found myself to be enjoying it.


17 Mizu Wakusei Nendaiki

Mizu Wakusei Nendaiki

A special manga, in that it is one of at most 4-5 works of art that manages to make me feel how I feel about this. Its hard to describe, but imagine being one with the world, completely at peace and perfectly content with everything. The fact that 56/60 chapters arent translated yet is mind-boggling and this will 100% break either the Top 5 or my entire list once I've read all of it.


18 Rainbow


This one transports you straight back in time, to the 50s & 60s of a war-strucken japan. 6 young men and their lives in and out of prison, described through masterful writing and amazing artwork. Delivers an incredibly potent and timeless message about this world of ours.




This shouldnt be as high as it is if we look at it from a surface level, so its even more impressive that it is. Possibly the greatest artstyle in manga, ridiculously immersive atmosphere and (despite the lack of dialogue) a surprisingly good story. Slight warning, the plot might be confusing and the open ending isnt everyones cup of tea, but thats intended, just follow along and enjoy the ride.


20 Berserk


Needs absolutely no introduction. Guts' journey is one to behold, and even if it isnt the most wholesome, its a rewarding journey. Berserk is very much 100x the sum of its parts and no one moment defines this manga. The dynamic between Guts, Casca and Griffith is unbelievable and should be experienced by every fan of the medium. It really is the culmination of every panel and line that makes this one of the most beloved manga ever.


21 Ai-Ren


A logic-defying entry. Never would I have guessed that an overly sexual and ecchi manga would even touch the Top 100, yet here we are. Beautiful and very sad story, but what makes this as good as it is, is the artstyle, specifically the atmoshpere induced by it. The scenery is especially calmand compliments the plot perfectly, it really is amazing. 


22 Soul Eater

Soul Eater

I wont lie, I'm a Soul Eater fanboy. The anime had me in its grip from the first episode on and when the manga expanded heavily upon everything the anime offered, I was utterly hooked. Its so much better than the anime in every regard (and the anime is already fantastic), though it isnt without flaws either (a lot of fanservice and some comedy that falls flat).


23 Land of the Lustrous

Land of the Lustrous

A slow start, a bit too slow for my taste, but luckily this slowly but surely transitioned into one of the craziest arcs in manga. Highly recommend checking this out, Phos is a treat to watch grow. The currently on-going arc is super encapsulating, I await the conclusion with bated breath.


24 Kingdom


With long running manga like these, its easy to fall into the trap of repetitiveness, which can ruin the enjoyment. Kingdom manages to more often than not deliver exciting action arc after arc, while staying true to its original vision. Add great art as well as a charismatic cast, and youre in for a ride. Not flawless but for being as long as it is, I cant complain. 


25 Goodnight Punpun

Goodnight Punpun

Harrowing. I wouldnt recommend it to those suffering with mental health issues, or those who tend to get very very involved with every character, as this story doesnt shy away from all the disturbing details of what it means to grow up. The final say of this manga however, is a melancholically positive one and makes this gruesome experience worth it.


26 Billy Bat

Billy Bat

Urasawas most ambitious manga to date. What it lacks in emotional highlights, it makes up for with utterly complex story-telling, spanning from the times of Neanderthals to 2060. Simply great.


27 Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Makoto Yukimura is seriously gifted, what a dope manga. I have yet to read past what the anime adapted, but what I've read so far is nothing shy of greatness. Vivid art an impeccable fight scenes, amazingly fleshed out characters and great revalations, what a dope story this is.


28 Homunculus


Truly unique, disturbing and very psychologically complex. I understand that one might be put off by the abrasive depictions, but I urge you to finish this manga once you've started it, as the ending is worth it.


29 Tokyo Ghoul:re

Tokyo Ghoul:re

Another instance of me being a fanboy. TG was one of my first anime ever, so I've always been enamoured of the whole franchise. Adding top tier art to such a story obviously ended up making for a great read, despite some issues with the pacing.


30 Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit

Great social commentary, the scenes that are supposed to hit, hit. Was a cool 7 until the last 3 chapters, where this turned into a must-read. Perfect ending for such a manga (although I still think this is japanese propaganda to some degree lmao).


31 Ginga no Shinanai Kodomotachi he

Ginga no Shinanai Kodomotachi he

A complete surprise. Dont judge this before reading, its great. Idk why, but manga that combine young kids and deep/existential themes just work (i.e. Girls' Last Tour). Good balance between funny and emotional.


32 Akumetsu


I can see the comparison to Death Note and Code Geass (even though they came after), but Akumetsu truly stands on its own two feet. Likeable MC, over-the-top action and top tier entertainment for all 162 Chapters. The conclusion and bits of the last arc werent all flawless but they dont drag this manga down.


33 Heads


For being as short as it is, this manga doesnt fuck around and gets right to the meat and potatoes. Simple premise, effective execution, phenomenal conclusion. Dont sleep on this.


34 Gon


Its incredible how without a single uttered word, this manga speaks directly to its reader, with pinpoint accuracy. Add one of the most detailed artstyles and a charismatic dinosaur MC and you have yourself a really short but fun read.


35 Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

I mean its Mob Psycho 100 just without the godtier animation, the story is still good and Shigeo is still as loveable as ever. Plus the art isnt horrendous either, it just obviously doesnt compare to the anime. Ending could have been a little more fleshed out but I honestly think the conclusion is great regardless.


36 Kabu no Isaki

Kabu no Isaki

Once again, Hitoshi Ashinano proves why he is the undisputed goat when it comes to Iyashikei. Beautiful landscapes, natural dialogue and an atmosphere you can feel through the pages. A joy to read and highly recommended.


37 Ashita no Joe

Ashita no Joe

Nothing could've prepared me for the ending, which elevated this manga tremendously. Joe is such a fun character. I will say though that not every individual arc can stand on its own in terms of overall quality, its more the complete journey of Joe that makes this great.


38 Freesia


A mindfuck of the highest kind, great mix of mystery, action and utter confusion about whats going on. Kano has to be one of the coolest and mysterious MCs out there. Beware of the unusual style (this goes for art as well as story-telling).


39 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean

Grew on me a lot. Pucci is fantastic as a villain, the ending is one of the best, Araki delivers when it comes to art (because when has he not?), its a treat. Characters arent as solid as in other parts but that doesnt take away too much I think. Ending belongs in a museum and its honestly the reason this is as high as it is.


40 Ajin


This is for the guys that love strategie-heavy shounen and great villains. Both are what makes Ajin so great and the clean artstyle only adds to the immersive feeling. Fantastic antagonist in Satou, he alone makes this manga worth the read.


41 What a Wonderful World!

What a Wonderful World!

Inio Asano has mastered the feeling of melancholy unlike any other mangaka. Every short story in this manga has this suffocating vibe to it at first, only to then deliver a conclusion that gives you room to breathe, even if only ever so slightly.


42 Planetes


Great slice of life with enough dramatic elements to not be boring. Makoto Yukimura just has that something to make his stories special. A must-read for fans of space. Funnily enough, I liked the scenes back on earth the best, very human and well-written dialogue between the characters.


43 Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

As previously stated, I really really love the TG franchise and have loved it ever since watching the anime. Seeing how the manga is just a better version of the anime basically, I dont think anyone is surprised about this placement.


44 Ping Pong

Ping Pong

Despite its shorter length, the story and characters all have a very rounded feeling to them, like the plot and the nuances of each person have been slowly built up for many many chapters. This makes especially the final tournament one of the best climaxes to a manga out there, highly recommended.


45 Ultra Heaven

Ultra Heaven

Never have I ever felt like this before, its a LSD trip in the form of a manga. Whatever Keiichi Koike is smoking, its most certainly potent. Possibly the most creative and unique approach to a manga.


46 Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs

One of the most underappreciated battle shounen out there which is slightly annoying. A joy to read, it weaves together comedy, seriousness, fights and politics seamlessly. 


47 Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.

Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.

Just an overall good manga, the plot, the characters, the ending. Sad but meaningful. For only 16 chapters, it does feel pretty fleshed out and completed, which isn't something you can say about most manga this short.


48 Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts

The first 40-50~ chapters did sort of drag on for a bit too long, but they set up the 2nd half pretty nicely, which went in depth on all the previously established mysteries and questions, leading to a bittersweet but fitting end for a very good manga.


49 Rojica to Rakkasei

Rojica to Rakkasei

This manga does a lot, in a short amount of time. It is emotional, it is incredibly funny, hopeful, bleek, this that and the fourth. Perfect combination of a carefree and depressing atmosphere.


50 Ashizuri Suizokukan

Ashizuri Suizokukan

Super fun short stories accompanied by a fitting and unique artstyle. Loved the humor and overall weirdness.



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