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Hi, I've seen how hundies and full on people are on this site that it has really inspired to do something better like something that is actually worth something, pfft look at me go, dis some quality anime shit coming out of my mouth(?) fingers(?) coming from the tips of my fingers(?) anyways, welcome to my half-assed blog !

My username is hella misleading because it seems like I give a gr8 8/8 quality succ ;))))), when in fact, I do not, I am a self loathing bitch human being that will most definitely not go anywhere near the uhm cough cough whatever part of your anatomy that you wish for me to give this quality "succ" because the only thing that I tend to succ is the fun out of things, so good luck with me :)

So, by the laws of the internet that parents seem to believe in, I shant share too much personal information but if you want some hit me up ;) kidding, I am a self respecting young lady and I will not bring shame to my family nor my cow. Well my fellow weebs or whatever you want to name yourselves, I am a weeb among weebs, and I would like to stay that way. But right now I'm going through an existential crisis wondering what to do with my life, and thus far have come to the conclusion that I was created to watch anime, because that seems to be the only thing that I can dedicate myself to, that and eating. 

Well I am a girl, well I identify myself as a girl because I have a vagina, and piss off, if you think I'm lying or whatever because ew, you can get your bitch ass away from my profile because gross, but yeah, this girl over here is a loser that goes to college. Correct, you saw/heard/read whatever correctly college, at 17 because in the country that I live in, that's the school curriculum that I am in college, not "highschool"

Anyways, I've been watching anime for not even that long,  I watched anime when TV used to be half decent and there used to be anime on the OG network nickelodeon Cartoon Nerwork. I used to love watching the good ol' Naruto and Bleach and occasionally Bobobobobobobobobob it isn't spelt like that but that's how I remember it. But yeah some anime history for you :)

OOF also side note, do not approach me if you ever, EVER have watched dubbed, I honestly disown you from my life if you watch your anime in dub because I am ultimately a very rude person, although I don't quite believe that. OH but the only exception is Studio Ghibli movies, they honestly own my ass, Hayao Miyazaki can take me off into wonderland any day. Well that was extremely off topic but I currently am not anything significant, nor planning on doing anything significant in the near future. 

I'm hella biased towards my husbands, and that is right, you heard (?), read (?) me right, my husbands, because for some reason my brain thinks that it wants 2D characters and for some reason real life male char- people are not sufficient enough for my unearthly desires, and so right now my love life has a 100% chance of failing. Main reason I watch anime, for the plot ;)))

UGH I SEEM SO CRINGE RIGHT NOW I PROMISE YOU I AM NOT THIS CRINGEY IN REAL LIFE ! except it's hella hard to convince you otherwise because yeah, it just is :/ but I promise and assure you, I am one cool gal 

Uhm, I don't really read manga but I have nothing against it, I just think it's really heckn cool it's just that this dumb bitch over here has trouble reading it in that way and gets confused, for those of you who thought I was referring to them as said "dumb bitch" get over it, I was talking about myself, not you, the world does not revolve around you sweet pea ;) but yeah, I am really open to anything right now just give me some recommendations because I'm basically a noob at life. 

Oh, also as a warning, I am Haikyuu!! trash, not necessarily quality trash or high trash, or even hot trash, just trash is fine and acceptable, because I am and honestly it's a sad thing to admit because I sound like a sad excuse of a person, but alas I assure you I am not. It's really hard to believe but have faith in your girl ;) 

So to sum up that long ass introduction please give your girl over here some recommendations and if you do I swear I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER ! And like I said before, I'm open to new things because I'm hella bored, so uH thanq for your time that I most likely wasted and good day to you sir ;)))

You can call me Aza,

       Love Aza Only if you gave me recommendations, if not to you it's strictly only Aza

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XxZeroeZxX Apr 7, 2018

Happy Saturday Bestie! :D

Hope all is well ^_^

XxZeroeZxX Apr 5, 2018

Hey sorry, I had a few things to do right after work ^_^

But yeah, anytime! U seem great, I'm glad to give u hugs :)

lolol yes indeed, ur a very convincing liar :P

Btw is Aza actually ur name or is that just a nickname?

Hahaha r u sure? It would be fun don't u think, u could pet them instead of them petting u lolol

Sometimes I do like to toss the pan around a bit, but no its not that dramatic lol

But I would be happy to cook for u bestie :D

As long as ur not a vegetarian :P

That's ok, u don't need to hav one, I was just offering :)

Tbh my recommendation would be if u don't really hav any social stuff, to go for Discord, its basically a bare bones streamline IM service w/o any of the extra bullshit, I've ditched Skype entirely at this point haha

But there's nothing wrong w/ sharing a few messages back and forth :)

Btw, is ur irl friend group also into anime stuff?

XxZeroeZxX Apr 5, 2018

Oh no, u poor thing *hug* :(

lolol thats not very convincing haha

Silly bestie, ur just a (relatively) normal teenage girl *pet* ^_^

I think I believe u :P

Ohhh I see, well that's perfect then! How would u like to be 193 cm for a day? :)

Haha I see! That's a good thing not a bad thing ^_^

Oh I cook all sorts of stuff, I really like the slow cooker, I've made stews w/ pork and beef and lamb. I also make a mean shrimp and garlic ;)

Aww, ur a nice bestie *hug* :)

Lolol, thats not that important, what matters is ur fun to be around ^_^

U know, u could add me on social if u want to, u certainly don't hav to though :)

I use discord and fb messenger mostly

XxZeroeZxX Apr 4, 2018

Hi bestie, I just wanted to let u know I just got home if u wanna chat :)

XxZeroeZxX Apr 4, 2018

Aww ur fine, don't worry about it :)

R u saying ur gonna scratch me? :O

Part cat and part robot? How absurd o_O

Aww thats not a very nice thing for them to say :(

I'll tell u what, we can trade for a day, that'll show them haha

What sports do u play? :O

I don't do too much tbh, other than chatting ofc haha

I'm a big american football fan, but right now its the off-season so nothing going on for a little while still

Oh but I do really lov cooking, what foods do u like? :)

Haha, I try not to see boring ^_^

And ur perfectly find the way u r, I rather enjoy ur personality *hug* :)