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If you want to fight about x arbitrary rating that I gave your favourite show then you better marinate on the fact I'll hoove you in your kenny chestnuts. Sort yourself out cause I'm not interested.

My rating's are based almost entirely on enjoyment alone. Naturally, this is highly subjective and is just a reflection of my personal taste rather than an attempt to provide objective critical analysis.

I've been asked on several occasions why I watch anime if I find so many shows "average". Here's the thing though, to me average suggests that while the show may not set itself apart from most entries, it's not inherently bad or devoid of enjoyment. There's not a single thing I've rated a 5 I regret watching.

It has been interesting to see my tastes changing over the years as well as how I view the rating scale. Re-watching some things that I saw a decade or more ago has resulted in some vastly different ratings. Due to this ever on going process though, my list is typically in a state of flux and tends to be all over the place.

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Minai99 Jan 27, 2020

Let me be ur friend plzzzzzzz

angeldust32145 Jun 9, 2019

hiiiiiiii wanna be friends?

lindapearl Jul 17, 2018

Your welcome. ^^ If you have any questions feel free to ask 

lindapearl Jul 17, 2018

Hello, welcome to anime-planet. Hope you enjoy your time here