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gamer dude who likes anime and enjoys chilling with friends

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Sianeka Nov 22, 2014

And I love that you are a Supporter! *big smile*  Thank you!

Sianeka Nov 21, 2014

There is no pressure on you to become a Greeter, you do not have to do welcomes for new members. If you ever decided to try doing it, I have a list of suggested things to write and also suggested responses if they write back a comment to you, so you never would need to worry about what to say. Also, I am very often online to make suggestions of things to say in person... so you really wouldn't need to let yoursocial anxiety become a problem even if you -did decide to welcome folks to the site.

But, no worries. You don't have to welcome anyone if you don't want to! That's what the Greeters in the club do, we welcome new people to the site. You aren't a Greeter, so you have no obligations to do any welcomes at all! You only need to welcome people if the desire comes upon you at any time. *smile*

Daisuki Nov 20, 2014

That's good to know (^o^)b!

Daisuki Nov 20, 2014

To my knowledge, the Welcoming Committee only manages greetings. I am also no help with watching videos on Anime-Planet as I do not use that feature. I wish you luck though!

Sianeka Nov 19, 2014

...and... I hope you find the site useful, and that you have fun when you visit. Lots of good folks to meet, and anime to watch! Maybe you'll even decide to get involved with the community here; it's lively and fun! If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I'll try to help!