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Dec 12, 2019

To anyone that is considering watching this for the story and not the relationship aspect: don´t bother. Although the concept seems interesting, it isn´t executed well. Neither are the characters or their relationship in my opinion. So, I would say unless you like BL anime where there are barely any scenes between the characters and half of these are one guy yelling at the other for stupid reasons, you should probably pass on this one.


The idea of a dystopian futuristic world in which the people are being killed by a parasyte-bee in itself seemed kind of interesting, but the execution of it wasn´t the greatest. It almost seems like it tried too hard to focus on both the story of the main characters and the story of the world, ending up not doing either properly. The relationship of the two main characters seems rushed and unbelievable, as it doesn´t take enough time to establish their relationship properly. The story with the killerbees seems to be just a second thought for most of the show, and because of that, most things end up not really being explained. The ending seemed kind of unsatisfying and there isn´t really much of an explanation how we even got there. 


The animation wasn´t anything special, but it was pretty solid throughout the whole show. 


Seemed fine to me, but I´m not really good at judging that. 


The main character, Shion, is your typical naive boy, living as he is told, until someone shows up to disrupt his trust in his knowledge of the world. It´s nothing new or special.

Nezumi, a guy that seems to always be pissed at everyone for no reason. He also was constantly angry at Shion for not knowing anything, but refused to tell him anything when he asked.

Somehow that dynamic between them in the first half and the fact that the romance between them just seemed kind of forced, really annoyed me, to the point that I just stopped caring about them altogether.

The other characters seemed fine to me, although there were a few moments that seemed kind of off which made the characters seem fake.


After having watched the whole thing, I can only say that I´m glad it´s finally over. Had the world itself not seemed interesting in the beginning, I probably would have dropped it on the 2nd Episode. 

4/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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