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What was your first anime?
While I watched a lot of Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Inuyasha as a kid, the first I watched as anime was Yosuga no Sora in 2011, followed by Ookami to Koushinryou that same night.

What's your favourite anime?
Re:Zero. I like following a main character who has to suffer through his weakness at every turn.

Why do you have so few 5 star ratings?
As a self-imposed rule, I try to limit my ratings outside of the normal range of a bellcurve (2 to 3.5 stars). A result of this is that at my current watched-count, I also limit the number of max and minimum ratings on the scale to just 3 entries. This gives a clear indication of "my absolute favourites" to anyone viewing my list, and what series matter the most to me.

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osaka Apr 12, 2021

hey hey! Thank you so much for follow! Hope you have a good day/night/evening?! So- which is your favourite manga or anime if I can ask?? :D 

Or maybe you have your favourite character??

Feinraf Apr 8, 2021

*Gives attention*

Qplayer Apr 7, 2021

Are you really a weeb, or are you just a normie pretending?

Farlight Apr 7, 2021

I want to be number 2. Cheeseburgers are yummy.