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Overall, I think this is one of your typical isekai shounen animes. That doesn't necessarily mean though that it was bad or mid. It was in fact really good and went beyond my expectations. The story line was really good in my opinion as well. The beginning episodes make you wanna reach through the screen and brutally hit most of the characters. You can basically feel the pain of the main character by just how much he goes through and what they show of his character. I actually cried a little bit when everything was being taken from him emotionally and physically. 

Spoil alert.

This explanation is a lil choppy.

In the first episode, it shows the main guy being transported to the world. Throughout the series though, it basically never comes up again. His life before never really gets talked about again except for some parts where he says he was contempt with what he had and how things were going in his world. When he gets teleported, he shows up along with 3 others. I actually thought they were going to be good people and help each other throughout the story line, but instead, they were complete idiots and really childish. They continue to never go along with the the main guy, the shield hero. The king and first born daughter are incompetent as rulers over the land. They are driven my personal opinions and greed. They made most of the kingdom turn against the shield hero over false accusations. He hated the kingdom, the other heroes, and the rulers so much, he started wondering why he should even protect them in the first place. Some serious things actually happened to him and he started to not even defend himself because he already knew no one would believe him. He got to a point where food became tasteless and he became tired over everything that was happening with him. Luckily though, he did have someone (he bought a slave to get stronger but he doesn't treat her as a slave and treats her as an actual human being). She helped him get over the things he was falsely accused of and helped clear his name somewhat. The other 3 heroes however continue to try and blame everything on him. Not because they have a grudge against him personally, just overall they are complete idiots and don't know how to put two and two together. The heroes all togther are supposed to fight off waves of evill creatures that appear everywhere to all nations. None of them get along because they are childish though. He gets more companions on the way which include the slave he helped out, the 2nd princess of the kingdom, and a creature that's basically like abird but can turn into human as well. Later on, the queen does come and help. She was away on business to smooth out the conflict the king made while he was alone in the castle. When she found out of all the things the king and the 1st daughter had done, she sentenced them to death. But she didn't really want to kill them as they were her family. One of the heroes still believed she was innocent even after evidence of all her wrong doingd came to light. The heroes all together besides the shield hero were all clowns for every episode. They are completely useless in saving anything because of how weak they are. The shield hero stopped the king and daughters execution and told them to go by humiliating names instead. This part was insanely funny. Throughout the continuing story, they build more bonds and the shield hero's name gets completely cleared of any accusations. There was sad backstory and surprisingly good parts that brought emotions. I unexpectedly got insanely interested in this. i thought this was going to be some common shounen anime but it turned out way better than I imagined. Will be waiting for season 3 this year and seaosn 3 later on.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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