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Heyo, I'm Rabxn, but you can call me Rab.

used to be SoccerRabbit101.

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 Some music to keep you from getting bored from reading a random blob of words: (link)

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I used to watch anime when I was little but started to rewatch anime around the time I created this account. The first anime I remember  watching was Pokemon, Soul Eater, a bit of Digimon and also The Cat Returns. I just have a horrible memory. I watch both subbed and dubbed anime (because I'm not a full on weeb that hates my own language oops). If someone heard me fangirling at my full potential, I would be locked up in a mental hospital. I was born at a very young age. ;P But the only reason that I am alive is because its illegal to kill me.

Birthdate: Dec, 23  Female Artist: Melanie Martinez/Billie Eilish  Male Artist: Alec Benjamin/blackbear  Anime Overall: Ouran Highschool Host Club Manga: Orange Manhwa: I Love Yoo Manhua: Tamen De Gushi Music: Any, really. Color: Blue Genre: Rom-Com       And I love Nutella! haha


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If you don't mind, It doesn't matter.

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Kaoru Hitachiin: My Husbando (on da left) 


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HKBattosai Jan 8, 2019

Hi there!

Hope all is well with you. It's that time again for my very own personal anime Oscars! The 2nd annual awards list for 2018 can be found >here< and I thought I'd share it with you. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think (if you want to). Cheers!


WonderBoom Dec 25, 2018

Merry Holidays! Keep that banner clean!

FullmetalDragon Dec 25, 2018

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope you get to eat lots of cake :P

Mekarin Nov 18, 2018

RabxRabxn, I'm liking the new name. How have you been? I'm sorry I haven't replied in soooo long, I thought it just would be stupid for me to reply 10 months late and I thought u would have forgotten me but I miss the convos and I need some anime gossip lol. I finally started college and it's difficult but defo more interesting then school and hopefully I won't want to die from school anymore coz of it lol😅. Anyways Ik we probs have a lot to catch up on and u probs won't see this straight away so don't stress if u reply late lol I don't think u could beat 10 months anyways if u could I would be impressed tho lol. Just reply when u can it would be nice to hear from u.

Chariot Jul 24, 2018

Nooooo, no crying D:
I should be crying cause I'm like, a week late replying back to you x.x



So you ARE ticklish * ^ *

I have not heard that song o>o
This is one of my current faves:

Man, I stalled Naruto at 22 episodes a long time ago xD
I will pick it up again sometime though :>

Ooooo! I'd love to try that restaurant ^-^

Thank you Kouhai ^-^ <3

LOL, yes I had a lot of fun :>
I got to wear my incomplete cosplay to the convention, and I got amazing stuff!
Including this really big stuffed animal called the Croconana


Oh, I also got 2 Anime action figures that I've been wanting for 4 years, finally.


Don't be scared Kouhai D:
I'm sure you'll find people's to connect with ;-;