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Zangetsu92 Jan 26, 2017

I have a top 5 on my profile page with links to their trailers. You should check the ones you haven't seen out! It will probably change soon though my tastes differ throughout the years lol wbu?

Zangetsu92 Jan 26, 2017

Also ...its surprising to see you've watched that much anime at your age.....that's the equivalent to approximately 10 episodes per day for 4 years without missing a day. 🙏

Zangetsu92 Jan 26, 2017

Hello there! Thanks for following me I followed you back. I always ask lol...what made you follow? ....a comment , review or rec? Curious 😆 Also if you need any recs ....I can have a look if you send me your fav genres! 😊

Sianeka Jan 23, 2017

queenmew says...  im so sorry for not being on i have been working and school and im ready to be back as a greeter i have time on my hands now 

Glad to hear things aren't as hectic for you now.  Hope school and work are still going well for you...

I'd be happy to reactivate you again, let me know what your schedule is like nowadays.  Previously, you had 15 names per day, off on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Just get back to me with how many names you want, days off you want, and a start date and I'll set it up.  Thank you!

Sianeka Dec 25, 2016

Happy Holidays!  I know it’s been a while, but it’s the time of year. *smile* I’m wishing you a warm and happy holiday season, full of joyous moments.

Thank you for all your past help with WECO - I hope you realize that your efforts helped bring friendly character and cheer to the site and really helped to make a-p a site that truly stands out! *big smile*  Thank you again for helping.  

Note:  No pressure, but if you would consider reactivating as an active Greeter once again, it will be appreciated. Even only 5 or 10 names one day a week is helpful!