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Reese ended the call and sighed. The 'boyfriend' comment was a long-running inside joke that had exhausted its humor sometime within its first month. Charlie still thought it was cute to say so she never stopped referring to Skylar as Reese's boyfriend (or sometimes his 'other girlfriend'), using it really in an endearing way rather than injuriously. Reese hadn't bothered to object to the terms in years, taking it as a compliment of their close friendship. He was a pretty secure guy.

His mind going back to his Skylar's situation, he called his heartbroken best friend and conversed with him as he raced to Reese's house. Skylar, his voice quavering from lamentation, told him what happened and expressed his feelings. His now ex-girlfriend, Catherine, had been cheating on him for months (at least), and when Skylar found out, he was hurt but had eventually forgiven her.

She never stopped having sex with the other guy though, and had no intention to. Eventually, Skylar tried to work it out by (reluctantly) suggesting an open relationship, defying Reese's advice and swallowing what little pride he still had with Catherine. Even though Catherine had accepted Skylar's proposal, she forbade him from dating other girls. Skylar, being so in love with her, stayed faithful while she openly had sex with the other guy, not even trying to hide it for the sake of common decency. Finally, Cat broke it off suddenly and without giving a reason.

Reese listened to his friend vent his heart until he arrived. Opening the door, Reese saw Skylar's crystalline blue eyes sparkling with tears, his full, rose colored lips quivering. Skylar fell into his best friend's broad chest as soon as the door opened and Reese received him and held him tightly in his large, strong arms Visage bais porno

"It's gonna be okay, bro. That bitch didn't deserve you at all. You were way too good to for her, man. Way too good. You know how many girls would love to have a guy like you? All of 'em." Reese tried to console Skylar as he closed the door and walked him to the couch with his arm around his relatively small and slightly less muscular shoulders.

"It's too bad," said Skylar, "I only want Ca- Cat- Catherine." At the mention of her name, his eyes flooded once again.

"Stop it, Sky! Stop crying over her. She doesn't deserve it. You could have another one like that," he said snapping his finger loudly. "One who's not a damn sociopath."

Reese talked Skylar up, holding his hand and wiping his tears away with his thumbs, trying to get him to stop crying. Reese declared the words 'Cat', 'Cathy', and 'Catherine' to be curse words in his house, punishable by a thump to the lip. Skylar laughed for the first time that night when he used her name and Reese meted the punishment, flicking his plump lower lip hard enough for it to hurt pretty good.

Once the waterworks ended, Reese tried to find a way to cheer his bestie up, to get him out of his overall funk. He had forgotten to cancel the reservations for his dinner date with Charlie so decided to take Skylar out instead. Charlie texted Reese to check on Skylar right before they left and he let her know they were going out.

How's our BF? Charlie texted.

Not spectacular..., Reese replied.

Aww... 😔 poor baby. Tell him I'll give him a blowjob if he wants, Charlie texted. And as Reese pondered the efficacy of oral sex as a remedy to heartbreak, she texted, ...JK.

Reese laughed to himself and sent, You'd cheat on me to help my best friend!!? 😍 You're so sweet... Definite keeper.

Charlie responded in kind. You'd stand up your girlfriend to help your boyfriend!! 🥰 Mary me! Lol

Reese chuckled at Charlie's antics as he and Skylar got in the car. Well, we're headed out. Decided to keep the dinner reservation. Looks like Sky stole your date...

Reese's phone buzzed once more before he took off. It read: Okay. You guys have fun on your date. Wine him and dine him and make him feel better. Have a good time. But not too good a time. If Sky steals my night of sex there will be blood.

Reese chuckled and looked over to Sky, who was eavesdropping on his text conversation and smiling a cute little smirk at the corner of his pouty lips. Reese was happy to see his friend smile, and almost as happy to see that he understood Charlie's and his inside joke, even enjoying it enough to keep the little cute smirk on his face for the entire ride to the restaurant. Reese wondered what exactly was going through Skylar's mind live nude cam

At the five star restaurant, Skylar didn't eat much of his meal but he did, however, drink all seven cocktails he ordered - even the ones he said tasted bad. And as many drunks do, he always got hyper-emotional and touchy-feely when he drank and tonight was no exception. Reese was happy to have a back corner booth in the dimly lit restaurant, else he'd be just a tad embarrassed that his best friend kept touching his arm, shoulder, chest and thigh as he talked. Reese wondered whether he was embarrassed for Sky to be seen in public so obviously drunk, or because he found he didn't hate having Skylar's hands all over him.

As the night progressed, Skylar's babble eased over from Catherine (the mention of whose name earned Sky a slightly more pouty lip), to how good a friend Reese was. Then to how good of a guy Reese was. Then to how good Reese looked. Skylar gushed over his best friend and rescuer's tall and immense tightend's body, which he kept in excellent shape even after he was finished with football. Reese loved Skylar's thinner, shorter, but yet, equally impressive physique, which he also gained while playing on their former high school's football team. It always amazed Reese how Skylar kept up with him during training, even though he was only the kicker.

Reese had felt a little flustered whenever the pretty, older waitress came around and witnessed the intimate bromance, but when they were alone he relished the moment. Who wouldn't love being worshipped until completely flushed by their objectively gorgeous best friend. When the thought came that he might have a crush on Skylar, he gently pushed it aside into the portion of his brain labeled 'preposterous', blaming his slight erection on Belle, their 40-something year old pretty server.

After Skylar drank all his drinks he was pretty drunk, and needed to "just rest for a bit," leaning against Reese's side. Reese put his arm around his friend to keep him secured and comfy against his chest. Losing the fight with his own muscle memory several times, Reese would find himself gently caressing Skylar's bare arm, up underneath the sleeve of his Polo shirt and back down to the elbow. And after Skylar murmured, "that feels good," in the cutest little lazy kitten voice imaginable, he surrendered to his harmless little habit. Reese was a pretty secure guy.

When the waitress came with the check, she watched with the most voluminous smile as Reese slowly reached for the wallet in his back pocket while trying not to disturb Skylar. Reese blushed when Skylar absently wrapped his arms around his waist. "You two are such a cute couple," Belle gushed in a hushed tone. Reese smiled and thanked her, not bothering with a denial. What could he say, he liked compliments. And he was a pretty secure guy. "Cute, cute cayoot," the server was mumbling to herself and shaking her head as she walked away, her system apparently overloaded on cuteness.

Reese helped his best friend into the car, buckled him in and drove him home. Skylar wasn't completely passed out, but Reese figured it would be quicker to simply carry the smaller boy up to bed than to be used like a crutch. Reese scooped him right out of the car and cradled him in his strong arms. Skylar put his arms around the stronger man's muscular shoulders, was carried to his bed and deposited gently on top of the covers.

Reese removed Skylar's shoes for him, then his socks, then stood back and looked at the picture - the boy in his bed fully clothed in a tight baby blue Polo top and dark denim skinny jeans. He looked absolutely helpless and atrociously cute - so much so that Reese had to convince himself of a pure motive for doing what he was definitely about to do for one reason or the other.

He looks uncomfortable. Surely he's hot and sweaty. It's not like I want to see him undressed! Reese assured himself as he started on the three little buttons on Skylar's Polo, then lifted it up his cobblestone abs, and over his head, baring all his hard little chest. I mean, I'm secure enough to admit he's gorgeous without his clothes on, but that's not why I'm doing this. He really needs me right now, he said internally, his fingers becoming inexplicably clumsily as he unbuttoned his friend's jeans, revealing a small, triangular portion of his clean, pastel purple undies.

Reese, as gently as he could, worked Skylar out of his pants, getting them down a little in the front, trying his best not to touch the tent in the soft cotton briefs his erection created. He then carefully turned his friend onto his tummy to pull the jeans down in the back. He slowly did so, revealing the powdery purple boy panties stretched taut over Sky's bubble butt. Reese's heart was in his throat, heat assaulted his cheeks, and his cock strained against his pants, his contextual memory bringing him back to when he first lost his virginity. Stupid brain. Thinks since I'm undressing someone I never undressed before that it's the same kind of thing, he thought, blaming his body's response on faulty programming Derri

Reese couldn't keep his eyes off his friend's little bubble butt though. Or specifically, his light briefs, just then remembering an important fact about Sky's sleeping preferences. Sky usually sleeps naked. I should probably take his undies off for him so that he's comfortable. This night is supposed to be all about him. I shouldn't deny him any comfort because I feel weird about it.

And so, with an excellent reason to do so, Reese hooked his fingers in the waistband of Skylar's purple undies and began to slowly peel them off his perfect little bottom, lifting his hips up to get them down past his muscular thighs and off his feet. It was the cutest boy butt Reese had ever seen - a little muscular, but plump like a girl's and completely hairless.

As a result of another round lost to muscle memory and situational conditioning (so Reese told himself), he took a quick little whiff of the crotch of his friend's undies, a habit he had developed with Charlie. What he smelled there was the unmistakable aroma of fresh precum, his friend's liquid arousal. Probably from thinking about Catherine. I ought to pop his cute little lip again.

He tossed the boy panties aside, feeling significantly more flustered and flushed than he did at the restaurant. His cock was fully engorged and starting to hurt in his pants and he was supremely, superfluously horny. It must be the smell of Sky's cum, he argued internally, my brain thinks it's mine so it's reacting like I am that horny.

Reese stared at the cute boy he had just undressed, and he couldn't help but ogle - hell,

marvel - at his friend's naked body. The tight chords of hard-packed muscle beneath taut, smooth skin. Butter soft and petite, but still hard and strong. The muscles in his back and shoulders, his arms and legs and his glorious little girly tush! It looked so good, especially since Skylar had spread his legs some, separating his cheeks enough to show his posterior valley and a hint of the smooth-looking little hole, not to mention his cock and balls down below. All clean and devoid of hair.

Reese looked away after gawping silently for half a minute, then shook himself back into his right mind, this time telling himself the alcohol he had drank (one old fashioned) was the culprit. He knew he needed to get out of there still and decided to go have a shower and sleep on the couch. So he squeezed Skylar on the shoulder and said, "good night Sky," before turning to leave.

But when he took his first step towards the door, Skylar said, "no. Wait. I - don't wanna be alone," sounding only a little more coherent than someone who needed their friend to undress them. Reese paused beside the bed, looking down at Sky. "I- I want you to- to sleep with me. Please..., can you sleep with me, Reesee?"

Skylar was an adorable ball of sadness, cuteness and neediness, the sexy, dangerous kind. When Reese hesitated, Sky turned onto his back and reached out for Reese's belt buckle. "C'mon. Take off your clothes and get in bed with me," he said, still slurring his words, handling the other boy's belt rather poorly. Reese could only marvel. At the incidentally sexy words pouring out of his friend's pretty mouth. At his friend's spectacular body, everything compact and hard, especially his cock, not small but not huge, uncircumcised, with just a little bit of the pink tip showing.

"I need you, Reesee. Please. If I'm all alone, I'm just gonna think about Catherine," he said sadly.

After a brief hesitation, Reese smiled and lifted his t-shirt up and off his body, baring his massive chest. He then tucked Skylar in and hit the lights before dropping his pants and climbing into bed behind Skylar, wearing nothing but his tight white briefs. He was sure to keep about a foot of space between himself and Skylar as he got comfortable.

"Reesee...? I said 'Catherine'," Skylar pouted. "You have to punish me."

"So now I owe you two lashes...," he said as he leaned over his bestie and applied two softer flicks to his lips.

"Mmmm, thank you," Skylar cooed softly, snuggling back into Reese and surprising him. But he didn't balk, but rather, put his arm around his hurting friend, placing his open palm on his tummy. His flesh was like warm silk stretched over smooth stones.

Skylar purred like a little kitten at the touch, and pressed himself harder back against his immovable friend, snuggling deeper in his embrace. "This feels sooo good," said Skylar, and placed his hand on top of Reese's, caressing it gently. "I love you, Reesee."

"I love you too, Sky," Reese whispered to his friend who he knew was an extremely emotional and affectionate person, especially after drinks. And if he wanted to snuggle, who was he to deny his friend the much needed intimacy after such a terrible day. Reese resolved he would withhold no adoration from his Skylar, admitting to himself that the contact was hypnotically cozy and heartwarmingly sweet Chatte
In that deeply intimate moment, he didn't think it unseemly to give Skylar a kiss, just a little one. And so he did, right on Sky's nude shoulder, eliciting a comfy little moan from him that encouraged Reese to plant another on his solid trapezius muscle, and then his neck, and then his ear.

Skylar's cute little reactions were priceless and Reese loved the effect he was having on him. He was like a toy - kiss here to make me squirm and giggle, kiss here to make me arch and moan. After Reese had sprinkled his bestie's neck, shoulder and ear in a baker's dozen of candied kisses, he began to drift off to sleep, cuddling his closest friend with the strongest hard-on he'd ever had.


Reese woke up a little groggy and a little dazed, clinging to the familiar feeling of a body pressed against him, sure to be Charlie. His morning wood was sticking up between her butt cheeks, which were surprisingly and thankfully naked. With his eyes still closed, Reese began to caress a hip. Though it was the right size, more or less, something was off about the feel, but he focused more on how good it felt, rather than how unfamiliar.

Reese started to move his hips back and forth, sliding his cotton-covered wood between the warm valley of flesh. He grabbed a hand full of ass and squeezed. It felt different but more importantly, really good. Overtaken by lust in his hazy mental state, Reese pushed down his boy panties and tried to slide himself into the warm, wet pinkness he knew awaited him between those legs. What he found (or rather, what he didn't find) confused him. Skin. Just skin. Not a vagina..., and, therefore, not Charlie. In sudden realization, Reese quickly removed his cockhead from Skylar's perineum, rolled away and fell out of bed.

He stood and pulled his undies up, then stared at Skylar, who was, thankfully, still sound asleep. A little embarrassed but smirking at his own foolishness, Reese went into his en suite bathroom to shower and refresh his mind. When he finished showering, he came back in the room, his vast fortress of a body dripping wet and naked. Reese smiled at the naked boy sleeping peacefully in his bed, but stopped staring once his cock began to react. He quickly dried himself and donned a fresh pair of undies, orange and blue striped briefs.

Reese tiptoed around the house, performing a few little chores. He cleaned up a bit, did some laundry, then Charlie called.

"Hi, babe," she answered.

"Good morning. I miss you," he said honestly.

"Awww, I missed you too. Especially last night. I don't think I know how to sleep alone anymore." Just hearing Charlie's voice expressing she missed him started to turn Reese on. It had been a few months now since the couple hadn't slept in each other's bed. They practically lived together. "I had to put on your t-shirt to fall asleep."

Reese smiled. "Oh, you missed me that much, huh?" he chuckled.

"I did... So you didn't find it weird to sleep by yourself after all this time?" she asked, not sounding accusatory, but just curious.

"Well..., uh..., I didn't exactly sleep alone...," Reese said, allowing space for understanding.

Charlie laughed, "Oh, my god, you didn't!"

"We didn't like sleep together sleep together... But we did sleep togerher. Just..., in the same bed, is all. He was drunk and all..., sad and needy like." Charlie was laughing the whole time Reese tried to explain.

"So what did you do, strip him and tuck him in, and spoon in behind him," she said, completely sarcastically and coincidentally one-hundred-percent accurate. The long pause from Reese gave it away.

"Umm...," he managed.

"Oh my god!" Charlie burst out into a loud giggle. "He really is your boyfriend!" She chortled.

"It wasn't like that, okay. He was hurt, Charlie. He just needed some...," he sighed at what he had to say to justify himself, "...love and affection. I'm the only one who could give it to him. You know how Sky is. He's really emotional and sometimes he just..., needs a hug and a cuddle."

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