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Stalled - the anime witch i have already downloaded but still didnt start to watch... or im not sure whether i want to start watching... ^-^'

top 5 - well in this list there are anime that i like or just watched not so long ago, so i remember them and like them most now...

p.s. <2008.06.24> i changed my mind about top 5 a little bit... ALL OF THE ANIME in top 5 are GREAT!!!!!

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pupsia Feb 12, 2010


Izzo Feb 21, 2008

yeah,it is! It's sooooo great to see someone from your own country ^^

bunnyfingers Feb 21, 2008

I think I read on the news page a while ago that they were going to do that (create a form to add anime to the anirec).  A bunch of new features are suppose to come out in the next little while, it might be there.  :P  They do have an irc channel and forum.  I don't have a forum account, but if I have a question I go to the irc channel.  I think there's also a questions/comments form, but I can't remember where it is, I can't seem to find though I used it a while ago.  Hmmmm...  well, here's a link anyways if you wanna add the anime to the rec itself: https://www.anime-planet.com/anirec/howtoaddanime.php  Some of the anime shows that I've seen weren't on here either, so I have a side list to keep track of those.  Over time, most of them have been added in.  :P

You should post to MY profile when you're commenting back!  It was lucky that I was even looking here!

pupsia Feb 20, 2008

its a small world isnt it =D

Izzo Feb 20, 2008

OMG! Same here! NIce to meet ya ^^