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Poco's Udon World

Mar 21, 2019

Personal Opinion/Quick Summary:

Yoooo! This anime was so good! So, basic summary is that the MC aka "Souta" is having some issues as his dad recently died. So he went back to his hometown to clean up their old house and his dad's udon shop (because he and his sister were planning to sell it). Upon entering the udon shop he finds a sleeping boy, who then proceeds to steal his wheat and sonics out of there. Confused he leaves the udon shop and does some stuff and comes back where he finds the boy from earlier back in front of the shop. The boy later named "Poco" ends up staying with him for the night. I'm not going to spoil when this scene happens but, Souta ends up finding out that Poco is actually a shape shifting Tanuki! A super cute one at that, I’d literally die for Poco! After the revel Souta decides that he'll take care of Poco while he's in his hometown. They bond throughout the story as Souta deals with the loss and guilt of his fathers passing, while also deciding if he wants to go back to Tokyo and continue his job there, leaving Poco behind.  

The Good:

The characters were SO good! I feel in love with Souta so quickly! He adopted Poco so fast even though he didn't know what to do with his life. He's always looking out for Poco and doing what's best for him like a true dad. He really is 100% dad material. Poco on the other hand is 100% adorable and lovable. He acts like a child and has the cutest actions and personality that will melt your heart. The supporting cast is also so amazing they all have different personalities and goals and they are just so well developed. 

The soundtrack was amazing and the opening was an absolute banger. The music made me cry so much especially at the end of the series. 

The animation was average but I really enjoyed the art style of the backgrounds and how the characters were drawn. 

The Bad:

I'm not going to lie when I say I'm a little biased on this anime so here are some problems some people might not like. 

First off some episodes get really slow at parts, but it's a slice of life so idk if this really is a complaint. (I was into it the whole time so personally it wasn't a problem for me). 

 The ending- not spoiling but it has this cut off from the scene that leaves you guessing and there isn't a S2. But dang that end was powerful. 


Watch it. It's an underrated slice of life that has so many important values hidden in it. It's also only 12 eps so you'll finish it fast. If you like Barakamon or Gakuen Babysitters you'll definitely enjoy it! 

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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