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I'm a yaoi fangirl. Feel free to ignore me.

 If you need me for something or want to chat more easily, hit me up on Skype! My name is Korousaywut. Just be sure to tell me your usernasme on here, and I'll reply as soon as possible. 

Long story short, I've only recently got into anime via a friend. Used to watch some of it as a kid, but then I got out of it and stuck to gaming for a bit. I'm slowly watching more and more if it, even though I do have a habit of getting bored of everything before I'm even halfway through it. This being said, a large part of my free time does indeed go into anime. I'll typically watch anything suggested by a friend, but my tastes do vary according to my mood.

Aaaany-who, I'm Scathach, also known as Thatchy, Saba, Thatchysarus, Scath, Sabie, and many many more nicknames. Just chose one xD Or, if you prefer, make a new one up!

My hobbies include drawing - mainly animals and furries (anthropamorphic animals) - video games and visual novels of various kinds, reading, rock-collecting, singing, and horse-back riding. I tend to use a rather large vocabulary for my age, since I do indeed horde books and have been reading above-level since I first entered school. I'm a high-schooler right now aiming to attend SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), and many have labeled me as goth or emo. So yeah, to put it simply, I'm weird.

Favorite Vocaloid/UTAU Songs:

Favored Genres / Frequently Presented Tags

Shounen-ai: Super Lovers // Romance: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Fantasy: Rage of Bahamut - Genisis // Vampires: Vampire Knight

Demons: Dance With Devils // Music: Uta no Prince-sama

Reverse-harem: Brothers Conflict // Mecha: Full Metal Panic

Japanese Mythology: Kamisama Kiss


Favorite Character Types

Stoic // Tall // Delinquents // Long hair // Tattoos

Piercings // Nekos // Dandere // Yandere


Disliked Genres / Avoided Tags

(Keep in mind that there are some exceptions)

Animal Abuse: Full Metal Alchemist //  Horror: Parasyte

Sudden Girlfriend Appearance: Kankon // Harem: Rosario + Vampire


Anime Music! 

Favorite Anime Closing: Ao no Exorcist #2 - Wired Life // Favorite Anime Opening: Rage of Bahamut - Genisis - Existence 


Art of my own personal OC/Species, the lykanthor. The OC's name is King.

Art is by a friend named GangreenTangerine on Google Plus.


Random Stuff

Favorite Book: The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint

Favorite Movie: Warm Bodies or Zootopia

Favorite Song(s): On My Way

Favorite Music Genre(s): Rock, Screamo, Symphonic-Rock, Heavy Metal, Dubstep, Death Metal, Electronic

Favorite Band: Crown the Empire

Favorite Video Game: Skyrim


Random Otaku Shiz

Favorite Mobile Game: Mystic Messanger

Favorite Visual Novel: DRAMAtical Murder

Favorite Anime: Super Lovers

Favorite Manga: SSG Meimon Danshikou Keppuuroku

Favorite Male Character: Ichinose Tokiya (Uta No Prince-Sama)

Favorite Female Character: Narumi (Mayo Chiki)

Low-key Stalker Buddy: Sunfire // Fudanshi BFF: Triatath

Favorite Utaloids/Vocaloids: Toby Osborne, Oliver, Mawarine Shuu, Isamu Hajime, Fukase, Gakupo

My Utaloids: Levi Ichinose & Kolbi


First Anime: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia // 50th Anime: Say "I Love You"

First Manga: Fairy Tail // 100th Manga: Ten Count

First Yaoi Manga: Yarichin Bitch Club // First Yaoi Anime: Hybrid Child


I'm a member of the welcoming commitee - also known as WECO!  Click the banner below to see what we do! 

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Sianeka Jun 3, 2017

professorthatch says...  Hey! I'm so sorry about vanishing and not being able to help out on the welcoming comittee! I had school things to deal with and had to take finals, and I actually didn't have any internet access for quite a while. I'm on my summer break now, though, and I'd love to get back to helping you all out! You still have my skype if you'd like to discuss this more ^.^  P.S. Sorry I took so long to get back to you! A month, to be painfully exact. School got out for me this Tuesday, and I've only just now started to get active again when it comes to being online on any kind of site.

I've been so very busy lately.  Look how long it's taken me to reply back to you!  (My apologies for the delayed reply.)  No worries about taking time off that you need, though.  Your assistance with the group is totally voluntary, and I will always grant vacation requests.  (I do ask, however, that next time, you let me know when you find you cannot do greetings any more rather than just disappearing in thin air - it makes things so much nicer for me when I can plan around a Greeter's absence rather than finding out at the last minute when I do verifications that the assignment was never done.)

As we discussed, you are reactivated as an Active Greeter with a schedule of 35 names/day , every day but Tuesdays and Thursdays. This schedule is totally flexible - just get in touch with me at any time if you want to make adjustments.  You can contact me via Skype or by leaving me a profile comment or a site Conversation private message - whatever's easiest for you.  I check the site often, so I should see your message quickly.  I will always respond when I see a message, so if you don't hear back from me within a couple of days, it usually means I didn't see your message.  (I really try to prioritize responding to requests and questions!  So chances are good I will respond back pretty quickly if your message has a request in it or has questions.)

Sianeka Jun 3, 2017

LOL Still singing "History Makers"!

And I'm so excited hearing about a second season. Now I really, really, really want to rewatch this!

Sianeka Mar 22, 2017

Hi!  Long time no see!  You've been on hiatus a while and we haven't been in touch with each other. *sad*  I'm hoping that things are going well for you.

WECO's doing well, and the site is getting lots of new members.  Summertime's coming up and the team could sure use more help.  So I'm wondering if you have time in your schedule at this time to reactivate again as an active Greeter?  WECO misses you!  You don't have to do a lot - even if you only come back one day a week (10 names takes less than 5 minutes time to greet!)  Please consider it!

If you can't do it at this time, that's fine.  But I thought there'd be no harm in asking, just in case you can.  Cause it would be so helpful to have more Greeters helping out these days.

Either way, I'd love to hear from you again and catch up on your current situation.  Please drop me a comment letting me know how things are going for you and what you've been doing. *smile*

Sianeka Jan 9, 2017

Hi!  Just checking in with you as I haven’t heard from you in a while, and you’ve missed some of your recent assignments - I sincerely hope you are ok and nothing bad has happened… I've put you on Hiatus status until I hear back from you.  

If you need time away from doing greetings for a while, just let me know approximately how long you want off and I will keep you on Hiatus status until your return time.

If you wish to stop doing greetings indefinitely, I can change your status from Greeter to Supporter, and you will no longer need to worry about doing any greetings.  (Note that if you change to Supporter, it doesn't have to be permanent - you can change back to Greeter in future if you want to greet new members again. It just means that you have no plans to do any assignments anytime in the near future.)

Either way, please get back to me to confirm you are ok?

Sianeka Dec 25, 2016

Happy Holidays!  I’m wishing you a warm and happy holiday season, full of joyous moments.  

Thank you for all your help with WECO - I hope you realize that your efforts bring friendly character and cheer to the site and really help to make a-p a site that truly stands out! *big smile*  Thank you again for helping.