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Healthy BL Relationships

Healthy relationships that may not be perfect but are overall caring, sweet, wholesome. In main relationships have no abuse, malicious manipulation, etc. Includes manga, manhwa, and manhua.
1 Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Childhood friends to lovers. This story spans the years of this couple's relationship and the life milestones they hit together. They're both crazy about each other. They learn to communicate well, are protective of each other, and have a heart fluttering dynamic.

2 Our Sunny Days

Our Sunny Days

A single dad returns to Korea and moves to the countryside to become a farmer. The head of the town helps him find his footing and bonds with both the main character and his infant daughter.

3 Heesu in Class 2

Heesu in Class 2

Very wholesome and low conflict relationship. Main character is a ball of sunshine and male lead is completely enamoured with him. 

4 The Dangerous Convenience Store

The Dangerous Convenience Store

A love story between a convenience store part timer and a member of the mafia. The balance of power between the two is very equal as the uke speaks his mind and the seme is respectful and the greenest flagged gangster I've ever seen in a manhwa. They go through struggles, but everything they do is out of love and good intentions for the other.

5 I Hear the Sunspot

I Hear the Sunspot

A story about a college student who offers to notetake for a mostly deaf classmate. The main character really did his best to delve into the deaf community to better understand the male lead. Super healthy interabled relationship filled with communication, angst, and lots of fluff.

6 Love Tractor

Love Tractor

A grumpy x sunshine romance between a farmer and a music producer. The main character starts off not ready for a new relationship and makes that clear to the male lead so he doesn't lead him on. They build a friendship and work through their individual issues until they are ready to find a way to build a life both of them will flourish in together.

7 Here U Are

Here U Are

An openly gay college student befriends a seemingly straight reclusive junior. Though societal expectations and personal insecurity get in their way these two always have the best of intentions. They learn to communicate and manage being a couple in a society that won't accept them. 

8 Back to School

Back to School

The second male lead may be a walking red flag, but the main relationship in this is supportive. Male lead reaches out to the depressed and isolated main character and tries to help heal his wounds. 

9 Our Dining Table

Our Dining Table

A story focused on found family, pure hearted love, and food. The two characters really heal each other and form a special bond. One of the most fluffy and wholesome manga I've ever read.

10 My Way with You

My Way with You

Short, sweet, and emotional. There are heavy themes in this story but non of that heaviness makes the relationship unhealthy. The two really lean on each other in times of need and build something loving and beautiful.

11 You Get Me Going

You Get Me Going

Starts off as a workplace enemies to lovers, but never to the point of it being toxic. Though they start as FWB, the two end up in a relationship that is healthy, communicative, and butterfly inducing. 

12 The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Palace

The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Palace

Strong themes of mental health. One is a rich recluse with extreme anxiety and the other is a depressed delivery worker. The two strike up and unlikely friendship that develops into something more.

13 Beta Off Not Dating

Beta Off Not Dating

The alpha pursues the beta while remaining respectful and understanding. Though societal prejudices keep them apart for a while, their relationship is eventually built on mutual admiration. Because the alpha is so respectful their relationship is free of a lot of common toxic omegaverse tropes.

14 Don't Build My Hopes Up

Don't Build My Hopes Up

Though there are miscommunications present, the couple works through them maturely. I was very impressed how they dealt with intimacy in their relationship. 

15 Again (Gongtae)

Again (Gongtae)

An actor and a CEO who start off with a misunderstanding but slowly grow feelings as they get to know each other. They're supportive and have good communication and CEO would move mountains to protect the main character from the people trying to ruin his career.

16 Sign


A story about an unemployed guy who gets hired at a cafe owned by a deaf man. Good representation of an interabled relationship. They're both very protective of each other. Lots of blushing and heart fluttering moments.

17 Engraved on My Heart

Engraved on My Heart

The main character who is down on his luck gets offered life coaching sessions by a former classmate. The two help each other move past their insecurities and traumas.

18 Day Off

Day Off

Super wholesome workplace slice of life between an office worker and his superior. It's short but filled with all the little moments that make a relationship sweet.

19 Killer Crush

Killer Crush

A contact killer falls in love at first sight with a famous actor. Even though he has to lie about his occupation (and understandably so), their relationship is surprisingly funny and lighthearted. They're both absolutely crazy about each other.

20 Onward


A poor swimmer and a wealthy former idol trainee meet by chance and the main character hires the male lead to be a housekeeper. Their relationship is ambiguous and there are some power dynamics present, but the main character is conscious of them and is hesitant to pursue a relationship with male lead so as not to take advantage (even though both are good to each other). 

21 Can't Get Caught! XXX

Can't Get Caught! XXX

Childhood friends to lovers. Puppy seme and cute uke. Both are too shy to admit their feelings. They genuinely care about each other and go out of their ways to be their to help one another. Crushes built on friendship and not just lust.

22 Every Time We Touch, I Hear That Sound

Every Time We Touch, I Hear That Sound

Short and simple high school romance in the countryside. Starts from friendship and ends up something more. It's a coming of age story about two boys slowly realizing their feelings for each other and grappling with how to approach it. Wholesome.

23 Who Can Define Popularity?

Who Can Define Popularity?

Probably the most wholesome romance you'll ever read about two narcissistic characters. Both characters have unique quirks that really make them fit. They put each other first and learn to communicate while navigating the usual struggles of a relationship. 

24 Restart After Coming Back Home

Restart After Coming Back Home

A classic story of someone returning to the countryside after living in the big city. Both characters had their own individual arcs and built a heartwarming relationship together. Super feel good and pure manga. 

25 Taming the Tiger

Taming the Tiger

Historical romance between a nobleman and a butcher. Aside from a brief couple of chapters at the beginning, these two have the healthiest relationship I've read in a historical manhwa. When they're alone, all societal power imbalance disappears and they're equals. 

26 Old-Fashioned Cupcake

Old-Fashioned Cupcake

An office romance between a man approaching forty and his younger colleague. The two start finding places to visit to help the main character experience youth again. Very cozy, heartwarming romance. 

27 Star x Fanboy

Star x Fanboy

A romance between a famous actor and the one of his fanboys who meet anonymously online. There's no sense of an unhealthy power imbalance you might see between a celebrity and their fan. They're both so considerate and supportive of one another. Very fluffy! 


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