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Anno attempts to make the series better and reboot it for the teenagers who were not born around the time the old series came out. But this was a failed attempt to modify an already flawed series and making it worse by changing some of the characters and the animation while deciding to make a 2-hour long franchise of movies to try to squeeze in all the depth of the series.

Asuka has changed from a depressed kid with mommy issues to a wise-talking gossiper with an aloof personality. There is little depth to her and she is now more interested in puppets. All we get is that she is captain and her name has also changed. Misato is more tactful when it comes to arguments. Kaji is more boring as he seems to serve no purpose.

And that Spider Girl that is, Mari is not needed. There is some fanservice here which is probably going to please the boys. And Asuka has replaced Toji in being Eva 3.0's pilot. Which caused me to drop it and I had enough of seeing my favorite character tortured.

Shinji's face is too goofy-looking for me but other than that, the updated animation is kind of special to watch but the series is a little too old to be remaking so that we can use this style of animation. Unless they can try to find a way to use animation that's closer to the original series.

Now, I watched this before I watched Kare Kano but when I watched it, I noticed that its music has been copied onto here, making it unoriginal. The characters' voices are different from what they used to sound like.

Anno needs to stop giving this overrated series a new makeover just to please the fans of it.

5.5/10 story
4.5/10 animation
3/10 sound
2.5/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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