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OKay, I am an Asuka fan and I am here to complain about Asuka and how she got pushed to the sidelines. She is my favorite character and I don't like what they did to her. It was too torturous, they ruined her eye and her Eva REALLY BADLY and Shinji just got even more hateful by going crazy, crying, and even choking her at the end (gladly, she didn't die).

I do not get the hype for this. The movie is boring. Asuka is what made the series better, I would've got bored and I did skip the episodes if she wasn't in them. So, I guess I do not get this movie or maybe I have to watch the series again.

So, now we got to suffer an hour of Shinji's pansy butt. Like in the series, he did get more likable towards the end when we learn about his past. I did like Misato more, too. Rei had a more decent ark, but I don't like the end of the world thing at the end. No one else I really could care much for.

This movie was just creepy and violent. I was thinking that this would be a great film but it was just very over-hyped. This movie just had me screaming at the computer through. The characters are quite different, Asuka is worrying about her mother and I was wondering if like I heard, it may be because her mother's soul was there or she was just relying on her to try her best to get through this hard battle but she had a really evil face on sometimes during the battle, I understand that this type of facial expression was new for its time but it still looked too evil. Misato seemed to have been in love with Shinji, she might've been this way in the series, too. And I don't understand Rei's arc of being above the world while it was destroyed.

I also did not like the new facial expressions for Asuka representing the scenes in the anime like when she wakes Shinji up, she's now more scary and hateful than she was likable and funny.

I also do not like the live-action combination in this, even though it did have a good message about reality in dreams.

The jazzy song at the end of the first half was okay but it was smoother than Fly Me To The Moon.

Gladly, it did not have Hikari in it but it still could do better than this.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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