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School Days

Jul 12, 2013

I have to wonder...  What would it be like if all of the girls from this show all went on The Jerry Springer Show?  The brawls would be incredible.  Then again... some parts of this anime weren't far from that. XD

In all honesty, I only watched the show due to it's mixed reviews(literally! Check the review section!)This anime has to be the most disturbing thing I have ever watched.  From the themes, to the way Makoto sleeps with so many girls without actually caring about any of them, to characters being 'taken advantage of', to a random bed in the school where students er... 'hook up' with one another, to the ending.  Oh My Good Lord, the ending.  The ending was the weirdest, craziest, most messed up ending I had ever seen!  I will discuss some more of this later, but for now I should put a warning: People who have issues with blood,death, murder, teenage pregnancy, players, or any kind of anyone taking advantage of another person, this anime is most defiinitely not for you.  

Story (1/10):

The first episode of this anime, and even the first part of the second anime, put up a hypocritical persona of what the show would be.  It starts off adorable and innocent, with Makoto falling for a girl he sees on the train(Kotonoha).  His friend Sekai helps the two get together, and it seems innocent and sweet, though it's obvious that Sekai likes him. 

Unfortunately, everything goes downhill from there.  Like... Everything.  Makoto goes and sleeps with Sekai, and almost all the other characters in the show too.  There's a bed called the 'lounge' in the school where people sleep together.(EW!!!  How much stuff is in that bed!!!)  And of course the teachers had to film it and show it...(If I were one of the people in that video I would sue the school for invasion of privacy.)  And of course there's Taisuke 'taking advantage' of Kotonoha.  

And the ending...  Dear Lord, the ending!


So, Sekai says she's pregnant, but Makoto still goes and stays with Kotonoha, deciding he'll finally settle down with her and not sleep with any other girls.(Wonder how long that would last with that despicible human being... ugh...)  Sekai comes to talk to Makoto, presumably about his baby, and then stabs him to death.  Kotonoha figures out that Sekai murdered him, and meets with her on the roof of the school.  Kotonoha then chops Sekai's head off and rips open her womb, proving that she was never pregnant at all.  The show ends showing Kotonoha on her father's yacht, hugging Makoto's severed head.  All I could think was: WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WITNESS!?!!?!?!? O.o


The show, to even be considered slightly more passable in the story, would need to at least add some comedy to the show.  Once again, the first episode had some pretty funny jokes, but after that it bored me until the ending, where it finally surprised me for once...  It just gets SOOO BORING!  The only reason I finished it was because I knew the ending was crazy.

One question:  Why did everyone love Makoto anyway?  He's not even hot...


I can only really compare it to Twilight or Fifty Shades of Gray in terms of awful.  I'd probably prefer to read Twilight than watch this again.

Animation (8/10):

Animation in the show is beautiful.  Backgrounds are rich and colorful.  Character designs are interesting and fitting, though they're only likeable apearence wise.  I just feel bad that the animators were great but they had to deal with animating this show.  This wasn't the best animation I've seen, however.  Too much fanservice though...  A ton of irrelevant shots of characters' chests and panties are there.

Sound (8/10):

Just like the animation section; I don't have much to complain about here.  The opening and closing themes are gorgeous, and voice acting is relatively fitting.  The only problems I had was the creepy sparkly sounding jingle that played when Makoto gropes a girls boobs.  Yeah.  Disturbing... Ew... That and Kotonoha and Hikari sound too high pitched and unnatural on occasion.

Characters (1/10):

Because a lot of the characters in the show are pretty dang awful, I will focus on each one I can think of enough stuff to say about in detail:

Makoto:  Ever heard the song The Cell Block Tango?  If you haven't, listen to it.  It's perfect for Makoto's case.  "He had it coming, he had it coming, he had it coming all along."  When he was finally murdered, I found myself internally cheering "STAB HIM HARDER!" when he died.  He starts of seemingly innocent, but then he sleeps with almost all the girs, without using protection.  He doesn't really love either Sekai or Kotonoha, and he switches between them and all other girls to have sex with them and leave him.  I feel awful for anyone who falls for him.

Kotonoha: She was my favorite out of the group at first, but she turns into this blinded by love, idiotic girl, who refuses to believe that Makoto isn't cheating on her and that he's 'her boyfriend' even after she caught Setsuna kissing him and him telling Sekai he loves her while undressing her on the roof of the school.  Plus, she goes really, really nuts at the end.

Sekai: Too loud.  She yells out everything important, especially private matters.  And then she overreacts to being left, without even making sure she was pregnant and murders her 'baby daddy'.  God, that sounds like something out of Maury. 

Taisuke: I hate his guts too.  He started off as a funny foil character for Makoto.  I liked him at first because of his comedic value.  I hated him because he sexually took advantage of Kotonoha.  I know I've said that a lot, and I know it's suposed to be a plot point, but it's still disturbing.  He has the nerve to think she'll like him afterwards too!

Hikari; I thought she was cute at first, but then she randomly sleeps with Makoto for no reason.

Otome:  First thing I thought when I saw her...  I wish I could be nicer but, she felt like a slut from the start.  No better way to put it.  And I was right.  Well... at least she realized how awful he was and left him.

Setsuna:  She's the head of the student council, a strong/silent type.  She would do anything for Sekai(or she claims she will)  She too, sleeps with Makoto.  Irony.  Oh, it burns.

Nanami:  She's the only character I felt sorry for in the end.  I felt bad for Sekai and Kotonoha at first, but they proved themselves to be too far gone to like them.  She has a video of her and her boyfriend sleeping together shown to a room full fo people by a teacher.  It was awful, and she's the only character who really burst into tears like that.  It was so cruel that if I were her, I would've sued the people who showed it.

Overall (4/10):

Overall: Don't watch it.  It's awful.

Oh, and it tries to be a love triangle, but there are too many harem aspects to just be a love triangle!  It contradicts itself!  Ugh..

Moral of the story:  Don't cheat on your girlfriend or she'll stab you to death.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
1/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Bloodlord739 Dec 29, 2020

I remember there was a huge controversy about this anime cause I heard that there where people who got so depressed by it that they literally committed suicide after watching it and another story of a young girl who went crazy after seeing it, murdered her father with a chainsaw and then killed herself.....

So yeah I've always been scared I'd stumble upon this piece of demented garbage by accident. So thank you for your review cause now that I know the name of the show I don't have to be scared about seeing it by mistake!

I owe ya one budd ^^

totobaci Jan 13, 2014

A bit harsh, but that's why I like your reviews! This anime as a good star, but then it just skins all the way...

PS:Have you considered doing video-reviews?