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Dawn of the Arcana

Jan 5, 2013

a little about the story- This story fallows princess Nakaba of Senan. during a war between her country and the southern kingdom of Belquat. As a simbol of peace, in hopes to end the war, Nakaba and the prince of Belquat; Caesar are married. the royalty of these two kingdoms all have black hair, while all other classes of poeple in kingdom have brown blonde or red hair. The princess Nakaba, though royal, has red hair and has been mocked for it her whole life. But that has made her strong and a fighter, no matter how hard, or confusion the situation gets.

The characters of this manga are great and one my personal favorites is her ajin servent called Loki. This is a shoujo manga however this is not about big sparkly eyed girls having affairs with every attractive boy they meet. This has funny embarrising moments, fight scenes, drama, rebellions, adventures, secrets, and something called the arcana. it is a power that Nakaba has to see into the past present and future, but at a price. and she learns somethings are better left unkown.

I gave the story a 8 because it can get a little confusiong and some parts are uninteresting i have to admit, but overall its one of my favorite stories. Its good if you like romance, action, adventure, and drama.

The art has a 7, its not the best but its really really well done. the backgrounds are great as well, detailed yet not overdone.

Characters got a 9, i love the designs for the characters and there personalities. there designs fit there person perfectly i think. there clothing styles are great, and each character has there own perosnality, its hard not to love them~

This manga isnt perfect but really love most everything about it so overall it gets a special 9.its one of my favorite mangas, with nearly all my favorite genras included. I love reading Reimei no Arcana! in the english version its called Dawn Of The Arcana by the way.

8/10 story
7/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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