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I am going to redo my profile here soon maybe hoping to get things going again on here not sure though.


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Hatora Jul 22, 2019

Hi uwu

Sianeka Jul 12, 2017

Hi there!  It's been a while.  Time really does just fly by sometimes.

Want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

andreichekov Mar 19, 2017

Yes i play a lot of games. But right now i'm not really playing games and i'm crocheting a blanket for myself. i normally like to watch something while doing that but i cant seem to find an anime that i wanna watch while working on it so i have just been watching other stuff. i'm thinking of just rewatching something that i have already watched and maybe it will get me into the mood. Another problem is i wanna watched dubbed right now and i'm having problems find new stuff that i wanna watch in dub i might just have to go through my want to watch list and just watch the first thing that i know is in dubbed and go through it because like no joke i miss anime.

dear lord, my responses are soooo awkward.

Sew, I've never done crochet myself, but my grandma taught me knitting, which doesn't realy work with blankets, because the needles are never long enough. I think she once made a blanket by knitting squares and sewing them together afterwards.

I'm sorry that it took me so long to respond. Have you found a thing to watch with your crochet yet? If you tell me what sort of thing you'd like to watch, I'm sure I know at least 2 in that area. My normal doing-things-and-watching anime is Sailor Moon, but I know that doesn't work for everyone.

Also, totally not anime, but I really enjoyed it, 12 monkeys. Its about time travel and affecting timelines and all sorts of other awesome things. If you read a synopsis it ruins the story, so either watch a couple episodes or don't.

My nephew is hanging out with me right now, and he is sick, but he keeps asking me to "can make me better?" He is 2.

andreichekov Feb 28, 2017

I can sympathise with that. Ialso suffer from animepathy on occasion. Usually when I buy a new game. Also those things where every show started for a while is bad. discouraging it is

do you play computer/video games?

andreichekov Feb 18, 2017

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Hello I'm sorry i am just now getting to your comment but i didn't think people still looked at my profile. To be honest it needs an update because those are quite old i could do a last 10 or 15 i watch probably since watchign those like no lie. 

I still use this but mainly for keeping up with anime no one has really messaged me on this in a while I still love the idea but i just dont do my profile like i used to which stinks because it was fun to do it i jsut don't and beside right now i'm kind of out of anime like i have watched the occasionaly movies and such but not a series in a while i jsut can't seem to get back into anime which really sucks.

I honestly have no idea how I found your profile. I occasionally dig around AP when I have nothing better to do, and can't decide what to watch next.

Do you have specific genres that you favour, or do you just watch anything?