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pherium Dec 2021
commented on Shiemi MORIYAMA
bro, this woman annoys the ever-living shit outta me. just finished watching the 'kyoto saga', and i've just decided i've had enough of her "why am i so useless?", or "i wanna be strong too!"  she's so dependant on rin and yukio and it annoys me. throughout the entire show, when has she ever gotten off her ass and actually put work into what she was doing? she keeps running after rin, saying whatever the fuck she wants; doing whatever the fuck she wants.  how many times has she run after rin blindly, believing she could do something? then she wants to cry and whine when she didn't contribute to the situation at all? sis, get a grip. and stop trying to get people to pity you so damn much.  her voice is also pretty annoying-