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Newish fan to anime only having started watching late last year (2015) looking forward to watching lots of stuff and catching up on old classics.




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Majishan Dec 24, 2016

Hi Hi Paul :)

I wish you a Merry Christmas !!

Majishan Jul 27, 2016

Hi, no worries!

I'm not to bad, new jobs ok, long hours (they do a 4 day a week working shift) but it means you get three days off a week rather than the usual weekend off), plus its slightly more money than my last job, so can afford to get more anime boxsets and figures ^_^

Hows things with you?

Hi paul!

Doing good, and i hope the same for you! How are you? ^_^

Happy for your new job and happy you can buy a lot of figures, i have some on my whishing list, maybe a day i will buy them :)

Finished some days ago haikyuu (volleyball). Have you played some team sport? ^_^ I played at soccer and nowadays i love volleyball a lot more, the chars feelings are pretty universal, if you played soccer or basketball. REccomended :)

Majishan Jul 12, 2016

Hi Paul!

Sorry for the late reply!

How are you? Do you like your new job? ^_^

I usually prefer subbed, but would watch dubbed if it came down it :D

Me too! I guess that jap acting voices are better than all other. I watched only a few dubbed in my language :) 

ZeroGreninja Jul 3, 2016

Yea the pacing a is slower that's for sure. Not to mention there is a ton of filler episodes. Alot of people poke fun at it. Some of the fillers feel unnecessary, but there are other fillers that are interesting. Kakashi is definitely on my favorite character list along with a handful of others including Naruto, Sasuke and Itachi. There will be a handful of other characters that the show will introduce to you that are on my favorite character list.

Majishan Jul 1, 2016

Hi Paul! ^_^

Job seems to be going well, its in a different sector so a lot of information but I'm not being thrown in at the deep end, a lot of training.

I understand. Hope a lot of training isnt a great problem for you ;)

Everyone seems to be losing their mind following the vote to leave the EU, the pounds meant to have dropped in value but i'm told its just a short term thing and it will stabilise, I hear that a petition has been launched with over 2 million signatures to have a re-vote, not sure if I can see this happening, and from what I've heard Scotland is likely to have another referendum for independence to leave the UK (because Scotland don't want to be dragged out of the EU), and apparently Ireland have accepted the vote to leave, but their have been reports that opposition has formed with the desire to unite the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, effectively the UK exit from the EU could split the entire United Kingdom up.  I'm not massively into politics though so don't know the ins and outs of it, life just goes on.

I wanted only to hear your thoughts. I respect the democracy, it was (at least for me) unexpected. I like your finel line: life just goes on.

Not heard of anilinkz will have to check that out, just got my Akame Ga Kill boxsets in the mail a few days ago, the Blu-Rays look beatiful in ful 1080P.

Nice! How you watch it? Dubbed or subbed? ^_^