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"If someone tells me it's wrong to have hope, I'll them they're wrong every time." 

-Madoka Kaname



Hello, dear visitor! My name is Maria, it's a pleasure to meet you! You can call me Wishii if you prefer~  

I recently turned 18, but I'm too much of an emotional wreck to be considered an adult. Oh, well. Maybe next year...                              



When I was younger, I was diagnosed with social anxiety. I'm really sorry if I take a bit long to reply to any comments because of that. However, even if it takes a while, I will try my best to respond~ 

English is also not my first language, so feel free to correct me if I make a mistake!

                                  I do tend to ramble a lot, too... Hopefully you don't mind!          





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Likes: Pastel colors, singing, reading, writing, most sweets, small animals, tea, rainy days, fluffy romance and nature.

Dislikes: Loud noises, crowds, lying or keeping secrets, gore, public speaking, fighting and violence, rudeness and spicy foods. 

Favorite Anime/Manga Genres: Magical Girl, Idols, Slice of Life, Psychological 

Least Favorite Anime/Manga Genres: Ecchi






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jypsel Jun 13, 2020

Oh, yes…the gratuitous violence. So, that actually doesn’t bother me (I grew up with a brother who is ten years older than me; I remember seeing skulls and stuff everywhere & my roommate is into taxidermy and witchcraft; I’ve grown used to it LOL) but what did bother me was how the juxtaposition of the chibi-like characters was supposed to make the violent parts more “shocking.”  I found that incredibly annoying.  That is such a cheap ploy to make things more tragic.  I could actually vent about this series for a long time, so please don’t worry about going off on a tangent or rambling because I am prone to do the same.  I truly don’t see how this won Anime of the Year.  The other anime that year must’ve just been trash.  I tried really hard to stay objective in my review and give it 6/10, but personally it was more of a 3/10 for me.

So, I am able to see the resemblance to The Promised Neverland, but I’m kind of not really able to see the logic behind comparing it to Madoka.  I suppose on a very surface level because it’s terrible things happening to young people?  For The Promised Neverland, they are also on a journey that involves supernatural beings trying to kill them so I can see the resemblance more there.  I actually have a lot of criticisms for The Promised Neverland, too, that I wrote about in a review, although I gave it a 7/10 and my enjoyment is probably more an 8/10. I was getting very tired of the fact that the anime (and the manga does this, too) would hide vital information from the reader to make the characters seem more intelligent and add shock value.  I also had a huge problem with Sister Krone’s portrayal. (Actually, in the manga, it is even worse and almost made me stop reading.)  However, it is still far superior to Made in Abyss.

So, I’ve not read it yet, but for shoujo-ai, everyone is recommending Bloom into You to me.  I am going to be reading that soon.  I am trying to get my shorter manga read to get to the Level 3 mark on the Challenge on A-P, but after that, I’m going to be going back to reading longer and not-yet-completed series!

Honestly, that’s really amazing of you.  I think a lot of people in your position would find themselves isolating and homeschooling, but the fact that you didn’t want to do that because you want to be able to go outside is kind of amazing and means that you’re seriously strong.  I don’t have social anxiety but I do have OCD and when my OCD was at its worst, all I did was isolate myself.  I commend you.  Seriously.  You’re tough.

Even now I have to be careful or else I will become a complete hermit.  It’s not because of anxiety but rather because I’m not social by nature and I expend so much of my energy into teaching that when I get home, I just want to be alone.  I’ve rarely felt lonely in my life, but I do have two really amazing friends and a wonderful family so I would bet that has a lot to do with it.

So, hmm, I don’t know what the equivalent would be but I’ll tell you the rundown of American schools and you can let me know where you land in that?  Because for us, high school ends at 17 or 18 years old, so for you to have four more years means you were held back four times according to the US school system but it might be different in Brazil.  We go like this:

0-2: Daycare, if you want.

3-4: Preschool, if you want.

5: Kindergarden.

6-11: Elementary school

12-14: Middle school

15-18: High school

Then you graduate at 18 (or 17, if you have an early birthday) and you go onto college or university.  If you choose college, it’s 2 years and you get what’s called an Associate’s degree (an AA); if you choose university, it’s 4 years and you get a Bachelor’s (or a BA/BS).  Anything higher than that is higher education.  Most people graduate university at around 22 years old. 

Hopefully that was an easy to understand explanation!

And yes! I do have pets!  I have two wonderful cats (they have an Instagram, it’s @drogonandfriends haha!) and my roommate has a dog.  Do you have any pets?  Also, do you have any siblings?  I mentioned my brother in this but I also have a sister.  They are both quite a bit older than me.

jypsel Jun 12, 2020

No worries!  You never need to apologize for a late reply.  Just reply when you’re able and up to it.  I’m sorry that you were having a hard time.  I hope things are better now!  <3

Okay, so I’ve finished Made in the Abyss.  I am curious to know your reasoning, other than the weird pedophilia-like aspects of it that we’ve already discussed. For me, I actually think it’s lazily written.  I ended up writing a review about it.  Riko is an idiot and the amount of times she’s just magically rescued is exhausting.  That’s weak writing.  Also, there was barely any character development in the anime.  They go through all of these traumatic experiences and remain virtually unchanged?  Once again, weak writing.  I actually didn’t enjoy it very much.  I’m still reading the manga because it is better, but those criticisms actually apply there, too.  I’m surprised it won Anime of the Year a few years back.  It did not impress me.  What was the other thing that bothered you?

I’m so glad you’ve been watching and enjoying Yuru Yuri!  It’s so cute!  My brother-in-law used to watch it with me when he’d come over to visit and he thought it was so adorable.

I’ve actually made friends with someone who is into a lot of shoujo-ai and is constantly reading girl love manga, so I might have some recommendations for you in the future!  She’s going to make an anime-planet (because I’m begging her, lol) and I’m going to stalk what she’s reading.  Someone recommended Fragtime to me and, while it is girl love, it’s not…good. LOL.  It’s just eh. It’s a very short read, though.

Wow, yeah, I’ve never heard of those magical girl anime/manga in my life. LOL!  You do some deep dive searches, that’s awesome. :)

Ah~ I will have to check your story out once I’m done and have summer break. (This was my last week teaching but now I get to spend the next week grading and doing report cards, LOL.)  I think it’s great that you posted fanfiction!  I used to write a ton of it but I ended up deleting it all when I got older and I regret that decision immensely.  I really wish I could go back and read some of the stuff I wrote. I pretty much wrote a lot of Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, mostly Squall and Yuffie.  I also wrote some FF7 and Sailor Moon, too.  One of my favorites was my Haruka/Michiru story. Man!  I really wish I hadn’t deleted it.  Don’t delete yours!  It’s great to be able to read it again in ten years and reminisce!

Oh, I understand that!  My brother has social anxiety and he ended up having to be taught via online school for a time while he was in high school.  He luckily never got held back because of online school.  Does Czech Republic have anything like that?  Out of curiosity, why not be homeschooled?  How many more years do you have until you graduate high school? (A lot of questions coming at you at once haha -- sorry!)

Haha!  You were a baby “hipster.” :)  I think I kind of understand because sometimes when I was in high school, my friends’ enthusiasm for something was so much that it ended up turning me off from said thing. For example, they would go on and on and on about Bleach and Naruto that I ended up not watching them because I was already so exhausted.  I was excited that they loved something that much but when I tried to watch them, I got annoyed, LOL.  Now that I’m an adult, I’ve been going through and watching Bleach and it’s actually fun.  It’s not a masterpiece or anything, but it’s definitely enjoyable!  Naruto is next on my list, actually.

jypsel Jun 3, 2020

Then we are definitely in agreement when it comes to that aspect of Made in Abyss. I definitely don’t like lolicon and will criticize it until kingdom come.  I am curious about what other aspect you didn’t like, but I want to see if I can figure that out for myself!  So far, as I’m only reading it, not watching it, I’m to the end of volume one where Riko & Reg have decided that they are going to descend the Abyss to find Riko’s mom.  I think the world building is very creative and the idea of the whistles to be particularly clever!

Yuru Yuri could definitely be defined as cute girls doing cute things, haha, but there is also a fair bit of shoujo-ai in the first season.  They toned it down a bit in the second season, which I personally thought was a bummer.

I’ve been unlucky in finding many good yuri or shoujo-ai.  I will watch anything with girl love because, I think like most minorities, I’m just desperate for some representation, haha.  I am watching an anime called Blue Drop because it’s a shoujo-ai and it’s…not great… It’s such a pity because I think it’s true for all forms: queer literature, queer movies, queer anime, etc. tend to be lesser in quality than its hetero counterparts.  However, I do think that it’s shifting and I do think that it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing some excellent work done.  I can’t wait to read a well-written queer fantasy where the princess ends up with another princess, haha!

I wonder if, when it comes to Spanish, it’s a question of motivation?  Unfortunately, English is so prominent (we could have a whole conversation on linguistic colonialism haha) so in order to have access to a lot of things, learning English is almost mandatory.  That’s not the same for Spanish.  I don’t know if that’s why, but my MA is in TESOL with a focus on Linguistics and one thing we learned was that learner motivation is a massive proponent of studying, learning and mastering a language.  My motivation for learning Spanish was high because I live in Florida and I wanted to be able to communicate with my neighbors.  My motivation for learning Hebrew is high because I work at an Orthodox Jewish school and some of my students’ parents only speak Hebrew.  However, my motivation for learning Greek and Japanese is lower and I don’t learn them as fast or maintain them as well.

What magical girl shows are you talking about?  I’ve not done much research into past magical girl shows. I’d be interested to see! 

Feel free to ramble on as much as you want!  I like reading your thoughts.  If it’s any consolation, I do know teachers who have social anxiety.  The power dynamic of being a teacher is different as you’re the authority in the classroom and the students are not your peers.  From my understanding, this doesn’t affect social anxiety (or at least those I know who have it) because they’re the figure of power in the classroom.  It especially gets easier the younger you go, so if you were to teach elementary, then that might be easier.  I have a friend who has social anxiety and is studying to be a history teacher right now and she wants to teach high school. I was a bit nervous about her decision at first because, like you, I thought she might not be cut out for it but then my co-worker who teaches Biology shared that she had social anxiety and I was shocked.  It made sense because she avoided her peers (her co-workers) but she loved her students and is a very good teacher.  This is all second-hand information, though, as I don’t suffer from social anxiety.  If anything, I have the opposite problem and can probably be too confident…haha!

And being a writer would be fantastic!  Have you written anything? I know you said you tend to not finish your writings, but what about short stories?  As you're 18, will you be attending university soon?  Do you think you'll major in Creative Writing? 

My whole life people told me I’d make a good teacher.  I was teaching piano to the neighborhood kids at age 11 and was constantly tutoring and helping my friends.  For whatever reason, I was just really against the idea.  Maybe I was trying to be contrary?  I was definitely that stupid “rebel without a cause” kind of kid when I was younger.  I wanted to be an artist.  I had this ridiculous dream of being a starving artist living in a barely furnished flat living off my paintings.  Then I learned what it was like to starve and not have money (I come from a wealthy family) and changed my tune real fast, haha!  I actually then changed my major to Biology and planned on being a Nurse.  I enjoy the sciences a lot but not as much as I loved learning literature.  My junior year in university I finally just decided to officially make my major English Literature with a minor in Religious Studies and haven't looked back since.  

Everything in my life pointed me in the direction of being a teacher.  I taught in China for a summer at 17 and in Russia at 19 but I was still so against the idea even though it was clear that I was a natural.  At 20, I got a job as an assistant 6th grade teacher and really enjoyed it.  I realized that I just like being able to pour knowledge into students and to help them become critical thinkers.  I realized that the more educated the next generation is, the better our world will become and I'd like to be part of the solution.  I just kept teaching and have been teaching for 8 years now; I'll start my 9th year teaching in August. :) 

jypsel Jun 2, 2020

So, when you say parodies, do you mean actual anime corporations that are making fun of magical girls or fanmade parodies?  Because…Sailor Moon Abridged (which you can find on Youtube – I can link you if you can’t find it) is absolutely hilarious!  I really recommend it!  Sometimes the humor might be a little offensive but I always find myself cracking up.  I made so many friends in college over that show.  I would watch it in the common room and people would stop by to see what I was watching.  It was awesome!

Haha!  I’ll have to see if they bother me, too.  So far, I’m still only on volume one.  The only thing that made me uncomfortable was the scene where they had Riko tied up naked.  She’s 12.  I don’t want to see that, thank you very much.  But other than that, I’m loving it so far.  However, I’m still super fresh into it.  They just now got the letter from her mom from the bottom of the abyss.

Ah!  You’re naming anime and manga I’ve never seen as your favorites.  I’m going to have to check them out!  For me, my favorite anime of all time is Now and Then, Here and There.  I don’t think I can ever watch it again, but it was such a powerful story.  I loved it.   If you choose to watch it, be prepared to sob, LOL!   As for manga, Fruits Basket and Monster are my favorites.  Wildly different and yet both masterpieces in their own ways.  I recommend both!

Yuru Yuri is a super cute shoujo-ai.  It’s not too heavy on the romance but it’s got that sweet girl love feeling.  Say I love you is a pretty decent shoujo from what I remember.  Oh, and Skip Beat!  Really cute and funny; I’d recommend it for sure!

Oh man, please never worry about leaving long comments.  I live for them and clearly love returning the favor, haha!

I would imagine that Spanish would be relatively easy for you to learn since it’s a romance language, too.  I speak Spanish and I can usually understand Brazilian Portuguese reasonably well, although I have an issue with the Portugal Portuguese.  However, I struggle to read either of them, it’s weird, haha.  I studied Japanese at one point, too.  I was even able to watch anime without subtitles!  Unfortunately, I didn’t use it and I’m back to using subtitles but I’d say I am okay without them 50% of them time.

LOLOLOL!  Your comment made me laugh so hard.  Students can definitely be a pain sometimes, especially now that we’ve had to transition to online learning.   The amount of times that they don’t do the assignments because they couldn’t find it (which is a lie) is exhausting but I honestly love it.  I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  I love pouring knowledge into my students and I always fall in love with them, even the difficult ones.  It is 100% my calling.

What about you?  What are you thinking about doing, career-wise?

jypsel May 31, 2020

Heck yes to magical girl! I've seen the other two you mentioned, but I've actually never seen or read Tokyo Mew Mew.  It's definitely going on my to-watch and to-read list, though!  Have you seen Shugo Chara!?  It's super cute and I recommend it.  I also like dark magical girl anime, too.  I thought Madoka was fantastic - it totally took me by surprise.   I actually haven't seen any idol anime!  I'll have to give it a go.  The closest I can think of is NANA, although Nana O. was a rockstar, but Reira was an idol.  

The Promised Neverland was pretty good!  I'm currently reading the manga, too.  Have you read or seen Made in Abyss?  It has been so highly recommended to me so I started reading it.  So far, so good!  I haven't heard of Gakkou Gurashi! I'll have to look it up.  Have you ever seen or read Monster?  It's one of my absolute favorite manga of all time.  I think it's a literal masterpiece and it's very psychological. 

I also don't like ecchi.  It's cheap humor and it usually ruins the tone of an anime, especially if that anime is trying to be serious.  I don't understand the purpose and if watchers are so desperate to see panty shots, just watch hentai, LOL.  It boggles my mind that ecchi as a genre actually exists.  I do dislike a few other genres than that, though.  I don't like harem or reverse-harem either and I don't usually want sports-centered anime. 

What are your absolute favorite anime and manga?

Sure!  For horror, I just love a good creep factor.  I'm not really into the physical horror like Junjo Ito's work, but more of the psychological horror.  I think it's hard to do well, so when I find one that I love, I end up really loving it, haha. I grew up watching Sailor Moon.  It was the first anime I ever saw and it was the first manga I ever read. It had a substantial affect on me as a child and I just ended loving magical girls in general for nostalgia, I think.  I love shounen-ai because I'm bisexual, heavily leaning towards women, so it's nice to have some representation.  I like yuri for the same reason.  I think people don't realize just how quickly gay people will gobble up anything even remotely gay, LOL.  The exception might be yaoi.  I don't really know any gay guys into yaoi because they're always based on a stereotype.  Shouji-ai can sometimes have those stereotypes, too, but not nearly as in-your-face as yaoi or shounen-ai.  And for shounen, I guess I just like a good adventure!  Maybe I should change that to adventure rather than shounen...hmm!  Haha.

(I also do love a well done shoujo, but it's rare.  Fruits Basket is one of my favorite manga of all time, though, and my OTP forever, from all the anime I've ever seen, is Machi and Yuki.  Seeing Yuki grow enough to the point that he can help someone else and seeing Machi overcome her fears is just...10/10.) 

You didn't ramble at all.  I love receiving and writing long comments so I hope you do, too, haha!  That's so cool that you're from Brazil!  I used to be the Head Teacher at an English Language Institute and the majority of our students were Brazilian.  They were super warm and friendly.  Do you speak any other languages other than English?   I guess there always is room for improvement, but your English really is great! :)