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Hoozuki Aug 22, 2018

To use the primate messaging function, go to the forums, click on the user of your choice, and a pop-up window should appear. Within that will be the option to "Start a Conversation". From there, it should be fairly self-explanatory. Now you're one step closer to mastering the internet!

Hoozuki Aug 22, 2018

First time I've been told my list size is intimidating (and the second time I've been told I have a sense of humour). :P Well, I can understand that reaction since I'm baffled by people with 5000+ anime watched.
Also, heads up - profile comments don't send notifications to the receiver, hence my delayed reply. I'd recommend using the PM function or the Discord to get in touch with users quickly.

DreameryXOSoul Aug 21, 2018

 Thanks for the follow!♥

OneCraftyLady May 30, 2018

Welcome to Anime Planet! I hope you enjoy your time here! ^_^