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this is trash it doesn't deserve the number one spot I've read through the 20 chapters and it didn't pull me in at al the drawing style seems generic the characters have no flavor to them the only thing moderately ok was the beginning and how the story was progressing but after the 8th chapter, I completely lost interest. 

3/10 story
1/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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overseer232365 Jan 19, 2021

don't get me wrong the art isn't generic at all its detailed and its colors are amazing but after a while, you see most romance webtoons have the same art style, not the exact same of course but they have similar tendencies like exaggerated color often pale character's and a lot of the time when they draw something that might not be round they take that opportunity and make it sharp as fuck like read through a few romance webtoons and pay attention to the character design you'll see what I mean.

Orangechocolate Jan 19, 2021

I think you should continue the story is great and the mc is amaziThomas the art is so detailed and beautiful.  I a so don't think that the style is that generic lol but it's your opinion tho