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Hey hey!★ 

Welcome to my profile! Previously known as - zerotwokc

If you follow me i will always follow you back :>

I don't have all animes I watched in my whole life in the "watched" section because there were too many of them and I don't remember all of them anymore- 

I've been an otaku for quite long. I love anime so bad and i'm proud of it! :D

I'm an artist and i want to be mangaka one day ✿

I also love gaming and my few favourite games is: genshin impact, honkai impact, identity v, sky: children of the light, bendy and the ink machine and many many more anime and mmorpg games ^^

I'm open to hear your opinion about some anime series, mangas, light novels, And movies so if you want exchange views And have a little talk about some animes i would be really happy, just text me here :p

Will your lips taste the kiss of death? - darling✰ this is a op song lyrics from darling in the franxx which is one of my favourite anime 

My bio will be this short because I don't want to bother you with all this gif and anime pics <3

just one pretty girl gif for you to brighten up a day a little bit ^^

Have and amazing day/evening/night/afternoon or week! and stay safe! Thanks for visiting this page <3

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Mariamtolba Feb 26, 2021


Im doing good thx for asking,  and u? ^^

I have alot of fav animes but *Dororo , Arsan sinki,  Monster,  orange marmalade,  skip beat and ita kiss* u can say they are the most animes I like , for manga I'm not sure but maybe *Light & shadow,  blue heaven, bastard,  sweet home , my girl* most of what I read are manhwas 🤷🏻‍♀️

And u what are ur top fav animes or mangas? ☺ *I guess u like cute animes and slice of life animes ?*

Lohegram Feb 26, 2021

Then I really praise your writting skill, the flow of your text, I cant write without taking notes, those notes are my external memory.

I cant just have a white page and write, or think, is like first I need watch and write some notes, also japanese names are hard to remember.

"and then after ending it I am just thinking for the whole weeks to know what is even going on there and what to write."

The magic of taking notes, IMO, is you dont need to think later, perhaps you should try take notes once, it may help you to to not think (much) later and invest less time on each review.

Write reviews, or write in general, english is not my main languaje, so this hobbie helps me to keep the language knoledge, 

and well since Animeplanet offers me free anime and free info, I feel like , I want to give back something in return.

Nevermind- I will read soon more of your reviews and maybe even today I will try to give you some of my opinions! <3

oh thanks, but please dont read all of them, I dont want you to consume your free time. Maybe it will help to point you this are my best 3 at the moment:

I always have the feeling, that I am scratching the surface when I read others reviews.

I like sailor moon gifs, see ya!

AshRulesAfterlife Feb 26, 2021

Looking at your want to read list, I would recommend go Jin and gam Rae.