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Hey hey!★ 

Welcome to my profile! Previously known as - zerotwokc

If you follow me i will always follow you back :>

I don't have all animes I watched in my whole life in the "watched" section because there were too many of them and I don't remember all of them anymore- 
and same for manga!! There was too many :<<

I've been an otaku for quite long. I love anime so bad and i'm proud of it! :D

I'm an artist and i want to be mangaka one day ✿

I also love gaming and my few favourite games is: genshin impact, honkai impact, identity v, sky: children of the light, and many many more anime and mmorpg games ^^
and I want to try so bad Little Nightmares I and II and few more games so if you have opinions about some lmk I will tell u some and we can exchange our views or you can recommend me something!! It would be really helpfull <3

I'm open to hear your opinion about some anime series, mangas, light novels, And movies so if you want exchange views And have a little talk about some animes i would be really happy, just text me here :p

Will your lips taste the kiss of death? - darling✰ this is a op song lyrics from darling in the franxx which is one of my favourite anime 

My bio will be this short because I don't want to bother you with all this gif and anime pics <3
no pink is not my favourite color btw haha

Just one pretty girl gif for you because I know that everyone loves gifs and to brighten up your day a little bit ^^

Hope you have an amazing day/evening/night/afternoon or week! and stay safe!

Thanks for visiting this page <3

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Kallian Jul 29, 2021

Hiii thanks to you for the follow! ♥

My fave animes at the moment are Osomatsu-san, Gintama, Lupin III, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Golden Kamuy!

My fave characters are Ichimatsu and Joseph Joestar c:

What are yours?

Have a nice day!!!

thehollyshlong Jul 28, 2021

I‛m gonna come back to games in a moment I just need to...

YOUR MUSIC TASTE IS IMMACULATE!!!!! I don‛t know all of it but I‛ve just listened to some and I freaking like it sm!! And I followed ur acc and some of ur playlists(not all yes cuz I wanna respond first lol). I must say I didn‛t even give my playlists to my ex when we were together but they all urs now, amateurs can fucking suck it strangers online are the best!(sorry got a little carried away).  So this is my acc tho I don‛t listen that much to those playlists cuz now I just pile up everything in my liked songs playlist but I still like those songs and listen to them just not in those playlist lol idk if it makes sense. I only now made the k-life playlist cuz I saw ur acc and everything is so organised I had to make at least one more. But, if I don‛t forget I‛ll definitely make more cuz my songs don‛t limit to just those. a little exicted up there...ahem well nvm :)

about games- I admit I never even heard of those games but for u I will give Honkai a try cuz u are very cutely talking about it how is ur fav. Again if I don‛t forget I swear I have the attention of a butterfly. I am convinced that one day I‛ll end up like Dory from Nemo lol ( ఠ ͟ʖ ఠ)

till next time, stay frosy frend !!!!

                               Cute Anime Girl Winking Gif

bbyjezza Jul 28, 2021

Hiii thanks for the follow back too and also hope you have a great day/night :D

My favourite mangas right now are boy meets maria and tokyo revengers!

I dont really have a favourite character unfortunatly

Your profile is also really pretty! <3

What are your favourite mangas/ animes :D

chittaeten Jul 28, 2021

Sorry for the late response.

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that... if possible, you should start getting into the game again, since there is a whole load of content to do because of the Inazuma update lol

It was such a shame because BNHA seemed pretty good in the 1st season, but I lost interest in the 2nd. Haven't read on the manga though. Why did you find it boring? I agree on death note, the anime just always stays on top, despite the manga being the original.. Also, who are your husbandos?? (and waifus if you have any).

Woah, she is so pretty! All the herrscher characters are just drop dead gorgeous. HoS and HoV are probably my favourites - we love strong women.

Yeah I feel your pain. Luckily (i believe) in honkai, it is easier to get a banner character. Well this is comparing to Genshin. It's really interesting to see how the 2 totally-different games somehow link to each other.

AnimeDebutante Jul 28, 2021

My favorite animes are Story of Saiunkoku and Yuri on Ice. (I don't know how to insert cool images and gifs like you do. Sorry 😭)

My favorite manga is called Backstage Prince

What about you? What are your favorites? Cheers!