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Hey hey!★ 

Welcome to my profile! Previously known as - zerotwokc

If you follow me i will always follow you back :>

I don't have all animes I watched in my whole life in the "watched" section because there were too many of them and I don't remember all of them anymore- 
and same for manga!! There was too many :<<

I've been an otaku for quite long. I love anime so bad and i'm proud of it! :D

I'm an artist and i want to be mangaka one day ✿

I also love gaming and my few favourite games is: genshin impact, honkai impact, identity v, sky: children of the light, and many many more anime and mmorpg games ^^
and I want to try so bad Little Nightmares I and II and few more games so if you have opinions about some lmk I will tell u some and we can exchange our views or you can recommend me something!! It would be really helpfull <3

I'm open to hear your opinion about some anime series, mangas, light novels, And movies so if you want exchange views And have a little talk about some animes i would be really happy, just text me here :p

Will your lips taste the kiss of death? - darling✰ this is a op song lyrics from darling in the franxx which is one of my favourite anime 

My bio will be this short because I don't want to bother you with all this gif and anime pics <3

Just one pretty girl gif for you because I know that everyone loves gifs and to brighten up your day a little bit ^^

Hope you have an amazing day/evening/night/afternoon or week! and stay safe!

Thanks for visiting this page <3

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LittleRaven470 May 7, 2021

Aaaaah this is so extremely late I'm so sorry!!! For some reason I thought I'd already replied back to u after your last message... 

Ahh I've heard a lot about Honkai impact and Genshin impact~

I love Florence + the Machine too, though tbh I haven't listened to her music in a long time... Oh, and I know kaikai kitan, it's by one of my favorite artists at the moment! I'll be sure to listen to some of those songs

Also, can I ask if you put the pink filters on the gifs you use youself, or if they're already made and directly from the internet? It's just that I think they're really cute and they kinda give you your own kind of theme if you get what I mean :D

Amirith May 7, 2021

Hahaha oh my... so much characters! 

I think i don't know that much manga or anime like you XD But i also have more favorite males characters in anime/manga :'3  

Some anime and maga i watched long time ago so i can't remember well characters T^T 

And thank you for that long answer! That's really interesting! >w< 

Yes, my favorite video game is League of legednds, The Witcher 3, The Sims, GTA. But i prefer games in multiplayer because i usually play with friends :D

What about you? :3 

Favorite artist or song... gm... i can't choose one XD that's too hard hahah... but i loved types music like rock, metal, pop  :>  

Helbaworshipper May 3, 2021

Answering back your nice hello!

Favorite Manga: WISH by CLAMP

Favorite Anime: El Hazard: The magnificent World OVAs

Favorite character: There are a lot of characters I like.  One of the ones I tend to go towards is Caster from Fate Stay Night.  (Not Zero's caster, though he's pretty good too.)

LilyNoel May 2, 2021

you're welcome! and i'm not sure if i have a particular favorite. there's just so many to choose from.