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The Eminence in Shadow

Jul 29, 2022

TL;DR - I genuinely don't understand why this is rated so highly.

Cringe weeb MC reincarnates into another world as a completely overpowered character, builds a secret organization, and has the maturity of a 10 year old. The entire manga is a cringefest, and the "humor" in it isn't even funny.

The "unique" premise is supposed to be that he tries to hide his powers and superior capabilities, except he really doesn't.  Because like every other isekai all these random things start happening and again and again he's there with his overpowered self to fix things and make them better.

Characters overreact to everything, stuff happens just to happen, everything feels shallow. MC does things that make no sense but the author tries to pass them off as clever strategies, "betrayals". About the only thing I can say is decent is the artwork.

Legitimately don't understand why people like this so much.

2/10 story
7/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Thing482 Feb 20, 2023

Dude actually had the whole manga fly over his head.

ShadowEminence Feb 17, 2023

Just go and see the review by gigguk in his youtube channel and you will understand.

Dond0ue8 Nov 26, 2022

Learn to write then comeback review. That's literally the whole point of this story. It has parody, comedy tags for reasons. This story supposed to be syit show and so cringe that it becomes an attraction instead. The twist is unlike your other trash isekai or even dragonballz which is mc weak af, then comes with power of friendship bs then have plot armor then wins. Trash af.

KAVEMANN Oct 25, 2022

The reason why this manga got high rating is because it succesfully serves it purpose. I do understand you that some joke are stupid, but cringe,weeb,overpowered mc? That's the point of this manga. He supposed to be like that. He also successfully hide his power and identity because no one know that Shadow is a same person as Cid Kagenou and no one know what Cid is capable of.(Exept for his comrades such as the Seven Shades in Shadow Garden). Mc does random things that make no sense yet it become legit, that's also the point of this manga. This shit suppose to be comedy with op mc, and it is. There is even a Comedy and OP Mc tag on it.

With all my respect to YOUR preferences genre of manga. Even without my bias on your review, you write this review as if you don't even understand the point of this cringe stupid story.