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Animes at your own risk.

Title says it all of the ones I've watched so far. There's a lot that carries with many of these, so the good ultimately outshines the bad if I'm making this in the first place..But some of the subtleties or even main plot...

Animes I appreciate but aren't my favorite.

From what I've watched that I think are pretty great and has some interesting and meaningful aspects that holds it at bay—but not the most profoundly perfect in my eyes. (And not that anything can be ultimately, but those that...

Animes I found to include some Christian values or themes to one degree or another.

Definitely appreciate these, even if many of them aren't very explicit in it, that's inevitable. What makes up for it though is when it becomes more personal in interpretation.

Favorite animes.

From what I've watched so far that's ultimately close to perfect in my eyes. Pretty self-explanatory. Usual ratings here are from 4.5-5 stars. No particular order.

Gold romance and anime that neatly incorporates it from one extent or another.

Can't help but love this stuff. Though, this is the good good stuff from what I can grasp that I've thus watched, both from my perspective and of many others. Where there's a ethereal quality to each, yet a grounding air to them...

Neat philosophical/psychological themed animes.

From what I've watched so far of the deepest of the deep, with more emphasis on mind/intellectual concepts than just heart ones. Or rather happens to include that as opposed to mere emotional sentimentality. Honestly, best of...

Pretty decent dystopian/apocalyptic animes.

From what I've watched so far. Pretty dark stuff that reveals humanity & hope to a whole different level when the world comes tumbling down on them. Can't help but adore these themes dude.

Pretty lighthearted/wholesome animes yet tends to have some pretty serious themes.

Essentially stuff that anyone can appreciate and is pretty deep whilst still being pretty PG. Of course, Ghibli movies are on here for the most part because thats what I've watched mostly of in regards to these sort of...

Pretty solid movie animes.

Pretty self-explanatory. Easier to watch for me honestly, and probably for a lot of us.