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The unreasonable and cringy hate this show is getting made me write this review.

After watching this anime, I completed the LN as well and its the very first anime which made me so exited that I went for the LN(which has reached its conclusion btw). So basically it's the first LN I ever read.

I do not intend to give any explanation on why this is so great because plenty of people have already explained it and if I were to explain, having read the LN, it would take tens of pages and would definitely spill out a lot of spoilers. But anyways I'll spoil a little bit by sharing one of LN cover's **apologies**

 Mushoku Tensei family shot

It is understandable that the first season had some instances that might be uncomfortable for some people (mostly women). However ignoring the beauty of this story, shitting on it and defaming it is very much unreasonable. These are the same people who might have glorified Monogatri Series (which I also love tbh) and other trashy/cringy harem, imouto or other trashy shows like Eromanga Sensei or SAO. Might've been GOT fans as well.

And btw it was clearly evident from the first 4 minutes of the first episode that there's gonna be a lot of uncomfortable lewd stuff ahead so why did you ppl bother to watch all the 11 episodes????

I seriously fear that the show might get scrapped after a couple of seasons due to all these controversies & hate like many other series. Hope that does not happen and am looking forward to the whole story being animated. The story has just begun and gets much more interesting as it proceeds. 

You can also watch Gigguk's review : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDh5Us8rl80

WHITE FOX STUDIO created a completely new studio (STUDIO BIND)  specially for making this anime (which btw happend after the 25 Volume long LN was completed)  so its pretty evident that they knew its a masterpiece.

I never came to like any isekai before this because almost all of them've had lousy writing OP MC's and lacked depth. Unlike them, this novel is beautifully written and most of the people who started reading binged it and refer to it as 'the father of isekai'. The way Rudy grows as the story progresses is kinda inspiring, outstanding and very very much relatable.

So, to those who are hating on it are most welcome to not watch it. But please don't spread the hate, there are a lot of people who've loved it and also many who haven't watched it yet but would surely love it. At least 4 out of 10 animes have some kind of lewd or illegal elements so why spreading the hate for this one ? A lot of people find it very special and are looking forward to it.

So to those who don't like it please calm down and let us enjoy it.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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